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Post by Ssmith on Tue Oct 04, 2016 12:11 am

There's going to be no RV.  There are no redemption centers.  Since "this information is a collaboration of information provided from conference calls and/or dinar sites given out to Dinarland" that means it's nothing more than just a bunch of BS.


DISCLOSURE: The information is being provided for those who have currency to exchange it at a redemption center. I am not a CPA or Lawyer. This information is a collaboration of information provided from conference calls and or dinar sites given out to dinarland.  Use this information at your discretion and always seek the advice of professionals post RV.

This information is being provided for those who were gifted currency and need instruction what to do in order to exchange what has been given to them.  You will be able to exchange your currency due to the fact the GCR/RV has occurred in the United States and now you are able to do so. It is an opportunity for anybody who has possession of the currencies that are being revaluated.  When I receive the toll free number to call to make your appointment so you can exchange I will call you and you will follow the steps below. There may be up to date information on that day we receive the 800 toll free number. If so I will provide that information to you. 

Since most of us will be signing an NDA as myself will be doing so, once any of us exchange, so not to violate your NDA, it is very important not to discuss your exchange experience to anyone, no information at all. Homeland Security is moderating this and they have already taken action against those who have violated their NDA. Some been arrested and all their funds taken away. We don’t want that to happen to anyone. Please DO NOT violate your NDA. This is a once in a life time opportunity and gift bestowed upon us and we don’t want to lose it out of carelessness in violating our NDA.

Wells Fargo is the lead bank that is handling the exchanges.  Abbott Downing, a wealth management company connected to Wells Fargo, is handling all the redemption centers. They will have 5 to 8 staff members to help each person coming in to exchange. They are there to help you and walk you through the process.  They have been informed and instructed just for this event. Too, there will be security for several miles around each redemption center, in the parking lot, and in the bank.  This is to protect those coming in and going to and fro from the redemption center.  For security reasons, some may rent a car and drive that to the redemption center so your own car with your license plates are not visible and your identity is hidden. That is up to you. My family will be doing this.  

Too, for your security you need to be careful revealing that you have come into this wealth.  There are people out there with bad intentions and you need to protect yourself from them. There are some bad people that know this event will be happening and they are waiting on the sidelines to try to swindle you out of your new wealth. Be careful who you talk to about this for you and your family protection.

We have been told in the first 6 to 7 days; those exchanging their currency may have higher rates available. You will want to make your appointment and get in to exchange that first week if this is so.

Follow the steps provided and all will be fine. In the meantime just wait for my call. It maybe soon, later, or much later, but you will get a call one day. When you do get that call your life will change and you will have the opportunity of a lifetime. Enjoy that time and many blessings to you when this does happen one day, one month, or one year or more from now. We wait patiently until it does happen which it will just as the Kuwait dinar did so in 1991.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me. I will answer them to the best of my ability


1.      You will call the toll free number that is provided to set an appointment to exchange your currency. They will ask you what currency you have and you tell them how much and what you have to exchange. They will ask for your name, currency, phone number, address, social security, etc.

2.      Based on your zip code, they will give you the location you will need to go to for your exchange. Most likely it will be not be at a bank, but at a location they have set up to be a redemption center.  We have been told there is a redemption center within 80 miles of every zip code in the United States.

3.      You will need to bring in with you for your appointment 2 Identification cards. They can be drivers license, student card, passport, birth certificate, etc. One needs to be a picture ID.  Also you will need to bring in a utility bill or something that has your physical address on to show them you do live there.  Do not forget to bring your currency with you.

4.      Once you have your appointment and necessary documents for your appointment now it is time to decide how you will arrive at your appointment. For security reasons some have decided to use car service. Some are going to rent a car instead of driving their own vehicle. All this to protect your identity. Just drive careful, leave plenty of time for your appointment.

5.      When you arrive at the location, leave all fire arms and cell phones and all electronics in the vehicle. They will not be allowed in the redemption center. Bring your paperwork and currency only. 

6.      If you are married your spouse needs to come with you and you both will be exchanging the currency. 

7.      You may bring one or two people with you. Just remember those who come with you will be signing an NDA because they were there for your exchange and they do not want anyone disclosing what transpired at the exchanges.

8.      You may bring your lawyer with you if you wish. Just let them know who you are bringing with you at the time you call to make your appointment.

9.      At the redemption center, Abbott Downing will have a team of professionals to help you through each step.  They want this experience to go smoothly for you and will take you step by step through the process. Your appointment could be from a half hour to hour and half. If at any time you have any questions, please ask them. They know there will be ones coming not knowing what to expect. No worries.

10.   You will want to dress in business attire. Be groomed nice and be presentable.  Show respect, and most of all be yourself.

11.   When they ask you what rate you wish, Say this to them “I wish to exchange my currency at the fair market value of?”  When I get what the rates are the day we get the toll free numbers, you will state that value to them. Currently the market value of the rates are:  Iraqi dinar - $5vto $8, Vietnam Dong – $2 to $3, ZIM - .64 to $1 and up.

12.  They may set you up in a structured payout.  This structure payout maybe from 5 years, 10, 20, 50 or even 100 years. The interest maybe from 2% to 8 %. You will have up to 35% for personal use. You may want to take less % depending on how much your exchange is.

13.  At your exchange you will set up a temporary trust until you go back in a couple of weeks to set up your permanent trusts, family office, etc.  You can use your initials for the temporary trust. You don’t want to use your name I am told.

14.  Abbott Downing will offer some services to you. At your appointment you may set up trusts.  If this is what you wish to do, bring in about 5 different names you want to use for your trust. Also you will be able to ask for some cashier checks. IF this is what you wish to do, have the amounts and names you want to put on the check written down before you go in. Do not have a cashier check written out to CASH. If you lose it, then that person who found the check can cash it in and your funds are lost.  You may ask for cash to take home with you. I was told no more than $7,000. They will provide you a bank card you can use immediately.

15.  After you have exchanged, you can ask them to put restrictions on who can see your account so that information can only be seen by your wealth manager. This protects you.

16.  Most people will be signing an NDA. If you sign an NDA DO NOT violate it. Ones who have already violated their NDA of their exchange, Homeland Security has come and arrested some and taken all their funds away. As it been told us, keep your mouth shut! No phone calls, no emails, no conversations, etc. about what happened during your exchange.  Keep it private. It is no one’s business but those who were with you if there were people with you.

17.  After your appointment in couple of weeks, you will go back and meet with Abbott Downing and set up trusts and any legal entities you need to do.

18.  The bank will offer some concierge services. Ask them what these are for you and your family.  They can include travel plans, tickets to events, etc.

19.  Get a new phone and number that is secured, and anew email. You may want to get a PO Box so no mail comes to your address to protect your location and identity.

20.  You may wish to diversify your funds.  You can open up accounts in your local credit unions, banks, etc. You will want to set up your professional team of lawyers, CPA, etc.

21.  Abbott Downing will be offering their services.  A family office is one of those that you may wish to consider.   


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Post by Purpleskyz on Tue Oct 04, 2016 10:11 am


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