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 What Happens When Spirituality Buys into Capitalism?

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PostSubject: What Happens When Spirituality Buys into Capitalism?   Fri May 20, 2016 8:09 pm


Our world is showing us our inability to see the truth. The self-help phenomenon has created a kind of spiritual degradation. The ‘New Age’ movement brings deep wounds when spiritual teachers are blind to the truth. With the blind leading the blind it will be difficult to restore the gift of sight and true spiritual mastery.
Introducing spiritualism into capitalism has corrupted the spiritual teacher and left the student in spiritual limbo when the student buys into the notion that money is somehow tied into being abundant in life. When money and the accumulation of possessions is seen as abundance this a real problem for bringing truth and making change in our world.
What happens in the psyche of an individual when a spiritual teacher tells them “if you really love yourself you would be abundant and the riches of the world would be yours”. When deep down we know there is something not quite right with the system?This spiritual incorrectness has a detrimental effect on the psyche of the individuals working in minimum wage jobs; is it right that the ones considered as the working poor are told, “hard work will bring success”? When society has bought into a corrupt monetary system the beingness is corrupted. When people associate self-worth with success in a monetary way and are not able to have financial success it has the potential to make people feel worthless. These folks that are working 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet get confused as to what to believe about themselves. These are people that can barely afford the cost of living let alone what we consider the finer things in life because their employer only provided them part time work at minimum wage to avoid paying benefits. Their subconscious programming is so distorted they get confused about who they are and the spiritual aspect of self. These people have the potential of giving up spiritually.Some spiritual teachers do not see the problem this is a problem!
It is a real issue when spiritual teachers are not cognisant of the absolute corrupt nature of the system created over many life times of conditioning. There are plenty of individuals that are suffering under economic pressure. It is an absolute travesty when I hear a spiritual teacher telling their student “your love is connected to your abundance” and others come to believe this. What happens in a financial collapse after an individual has come to believe abundance is somehow vibrationally attached to self-love? What happens when this individual cannot find employment? Do you think this might have an effect on their happiness level and their ability to cope or make sense of their lives and their love?
The Law of Attraction has tipped the balance in spiritual evolution; ironically it has attracted many unscrupulous entrepreneurs. Perhaps blind to their own involvement in the corruption. How many programs does the world need on ‘the law of attraction’ or the next generation, ‘when the law of attraction is not working’? These so called spiritual entrepreneurs are creating product and distributing to the masses completely oblivious to what is happening in our world. Blind to the corruption creating the state of the matrix. When they themselves do not see the world around them is so corrupt people all over the world are filling the streets in the thousands and yet the spiritual capitalists are telling their followers the same bull shit story. “To be abundant in money you must rid your subconscious mind of any and all poverty consciousness”. Money is a concept, an idea that has no real value other than the amount of value humans put on it. Money was created by man to control man. The economic system is being manipulated because the money system is corrupted by greed.
It is astounding that a person can consider themselves a spiritual teacher when becoming rich is more important to them than living a truly rich life. Money does not make a person rich. People that have bought into this notion will never know the true meaning of living in the richness of being. Spiritual teachers that speak such nonsense, concepts that are far from what the truth is, are actually inhibiting the expansion of consciousness. These spiritual revolutionaries have bought into a corrupt system that has corrupted the psyche of humanity. The economic system is controlled by an elite group of very greedy people. I was ready to claim bankruptcy when this rather loud voice said, “Lorna stop it! It does not have to be this way”. I had forgotten how to open myself up for counsel, getting direction from within. “Be bold and speak your truth, you know who you are!” The fact is when our spiritual teachers have such a narrow minded point of view of what is happening in reality they are perpetuating the lie and adding to the chaos. Spiritual teachers are supposed to be enlightened teachers that will lead the masses to a better way of being.

No information is better than misinformation and much better than lies”.Life is being destroyed by our inability to see the truth. Money has been created by man and is not in accordance with spiritual law. It is instead being used to control the masses. The creation of capitalism has made way for greed and the creation of products, services, and technology that are non beneficial to a healthy life style.
The economic system has been designed to control and manipulate, it is being used to instill fear and suffering. It is a family’s inability to pay the bills that causes most stress to the individuals in the family. When couples get into an argument what do you think is the number one cause? Yes,’ Money’. When the parents are stressed which causes the children to be stressed this affects the harmony in the home. Emotions are running high and the fight or flight response is activated, putting stress on the adrenals. The fight or flight response is a low consciousness response to a danger that is only perceived. Once the consciousness of Oneness is reached this response will drift into obscurity. The constant bombardment of doom and gloom by mainstream media has an adverse effect on the chemistry in your body. I do not have to get survey results to know that this is true.
The systems running the world are corrupt and unless they are set straight society is doomed to fail. Without look at causality right action cannot be taken. What is causing the destruction of the American Dream and the destruction of the family unit and the cause of illness in the physical body? Yes, money. When the body feels threatened in anyway the ‘fight or flight’ response is activated. When humans were hunter gathers this response was very beneficial – cortisol and adrenaline would be released, giving you more alertness and strength. Ready to do ‘battle’ or ‘run’.
The threat does not even have to be real. It could be a perceived threat. The subconscious mind does not know what is real and what is not real. While dreaming the same chemical responses occur in the body. The ability to tap into the subconscious programming is the upside to guided visualization. What happens now that we have social media sites, tv, radio, and we are constantly hearing about our friends’ and families’ troubles, or what is going on in the world with wars and killing each other? The stress response: even though it does not directly threaten you the body still records the energy and the adrenal gland releases cortisol. The chemical imbalance when the stress response is activated has an effect on neurotransmitters which affect perception. Do you see how it makes perfect sense that the cause of most illness is the body’s response to the way people feel about themselves and life?
The body has a built in mechanism to heal. It has proven this in its ability to heal a wound. It can restore itself from any imbalance; Take away the stress response and the body will have a much easier ability to restore itself to well-being; Give the body the beneficial chemicals, the nutrients the cells need to work efficiently; Change unbeneficial thoughts, get rid of thoughts that create fear, anger, resentment, jealousy and your body will respond by showing you good health.
The richness of life does not come with having money in your bank account, or lots of toys. These brainwashing videos you are subjected to are keeping you from seeing the truth. The individuals that created these videos see a way of life that is not in harmony with nature. We are destroy the world in favour of capitalism. The richness of life comes from being in harmony with life. To wake up in the morning and be glad that you are alive. Are you happy to be you?
Do not get me wrong – I like the nicer things in life. This life style is available when humanity starts to create technology that is in harmony with nature and not destructive to the earth.
Become aware of spiritual teachers that tell you what you are thinking because this is auto suggestion and you are buying into it. Change is not difficult or hard. You have all the tools already in you to be successful. Nature was designed with an internal mechanism to return to balance. Your body is part of nature. You were born perfect. Your stories do not define you. Choose to not let these stories or what you have been made to believe about yourself or life stop you from living life on purpose.Know that you are loved beyond measure and when this knowing is visceral you will be living your greatness.
Until we evolve a little further we must maintain this illusion that we need money to cooperate in the world. Do not despair, there are individuals taking steps on your behalf making change to this corrupt system.
The proof that our pristine world is being corrupted by the acts of Man? Just take a good look outside your window, look at your neighbourhood and see if you see trees dying. The next time you take a drive take a good look at the forest. Take a look at the world we have created with our systems, our wars, as a result of the lack of accountability. Our inability to communicate with each other and look after each nation’s needs. Our inability to respect the rights of others and our freedom of expression. If what is being expressed is not harmful to others why can we not see love in it? Racism andjudgment of others are low consciousness expressions and an indication of a narrow state of mind – the inability to see the colorful nature of others. If what is being expressed is in the expression of love then support the expression as long as it is not harmful to others.
Pay more attention to the Laws created by man that are destructive to the earth and to life. When elected officials can demoralize society by pushing in legislation that does not create a healthy environment for the citizens of the country then our leadership is corrupt. There is something amiss in the House of Commons and in the House of Representatives when we cannot have what it takes to live life well and birth healthy babies. Without ethical and moral standing humanity will have a difficult time to change. All nations need benevolent leadership.
When those leading our nation are out of touch with the life of an average Canadian family it points to a deeper problem in the psyche of humanity. When politicians are apathetic to the citizens they are governing there is a real problem with the system. When corruption in politics takes away people’s basic right to live a life well lived, there is a problem with the system. Those appearing to be elected, by us for us, do not seem to have our best interest at heart. Look out at the state of your society because this is all the proof you need. What do you suppose is going on? These individuals working in Government agencies are supposed to be supporting the well-being of the people are they not? Why are the individuals in places of authority in designated Government agencies not seeing the destruction to the family unit? They are in support ofpolluting our water and our food supply. They have created a health care industry in support of disease and not health, using poisons in disguise as medications. It is the first time in human history that the children are sicker than their parents. And yet they do not see anything wrong with this picture of today’s society, or that anything is wrong with the way we are doing things. If they could see the destruction of the human condition they would make changes to the leadership of the nations. Perhaps we would be in support of life and not in support of killing and war. It will take looking at the cause of the issues to stop the insanity of war.
Stop making life about fighting. You are not in a fight with life, you are in a fight with self and it is only you that can stop this mania. Make today and every day, “Wellness Awareness Day”. Stop feeding the dragon of disharmony.
If you think the scientists in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are ethical and moral, if you think the scientists working for Monsanto and other chemical companies know what they are doing, you are kidding yourself. The scientists in these facilities have only now stepped forward because of publications from European scientists doing legitimate scientific studies on the effects of GMOs. These pseudo-scientists are in violation of natural law – God’s law – which is to preserve life. Nature is designed to be in harmony with itself. It matters not what you do to nature, eventually it will return to balance.
Did you know Monsanto is the creator of saccharine, aspartame, PCBs, DDT, Agent Orange, bovine growth hormone, andglyphosate, which have all been linked to cancer and other health problems? Do not forget it is our scientists that have created germ warfare. Do you really think they are interested in your health? It matters not what position an individual holds on the world stage; when crimes are being committed they must be addressed and the person charged with said crimes.
The seeds these pseudo-scientists have manipulated and manufactured create pseudo-food. This food has little nutritional value for the body. When you consume this GMO food it violates the chemistry in your body and violates your cellular DNA. These seeds were introduced into society without adequate long term studies showing what the side effects would be on the human organism. Even the introduction of glyphosate – Round Up – has no prior legitimate studies. None of the products listed above have been proven safe for human consumption. The evidence in the health of our children is enough.
So if you have bought into the notion that the FDA, the CDC, and Health and Welfare Canada have our best i interests at heart, you’d better have a closer look. These are the agencies that have approved the introduction of GMOs and toxic products into our food supply. So if they can allow these poisons as nutrition then perhaps you’d better also take a closer look at the introduction of vaccines.
I defy anyone to come up with the scientific data that proves vaccines do what they are designed to do. The truth is it is known that vaccines contain poison, and animal DNA, and they are injected anyway. Could you please explain to me how introducing poisons, and animal DNA, is supposed to be beneficial to a perfectly healthy body?
If I gave my child a poison I would be charged. Yet a corporation can create a product with ingredients that are poisons, bio hazards, inconsistent with life and nothing is done. Government employees can administer them to me and my child and this is perfectly fine. Something is definitely wrong with this picture. No one seems to think there is a problem that our children’s stress response is activated in the administering of this highly invasive technology and is not being monitored. Even though children have had adverse reactions and these health experts say the risks outweigh the benefit. Well I say bullshit – children develop diseases, become ill and in some instances die, and the authorities see this as perfectly normal.From where I stand, if you are a doctor trained by the pharmaceutical industry you have an open license to poison me and my children. You are licensed for the long term use of chemicals that knowingly are causing side effects, have no nutritional value and are not beneficial to the body.
When a system is created as a way to make profit and the products this system introduce into society have been found to create a disease, the system is broken. There are documented cases of doctors prescribing not just one or two but 10 different pharmaceuticals, and even 20 or 30. How could this be socially acceptable? How come there is no accountability? Health and Welfare Canada, the Health minister, the Governor General all think this is quite normal. Wake up Canada this is not normal!!
I found myself wondering how ironic it is that we are conditioned to think it is normal to go into a drug store and buy drugs with a prescription, and yet there is a war on drugs. The war on drugs definitely has us distracted and not pointed in the right direction. According to Dr. Mercol, death by prescription is the new epidemic. The link to the article is below. It is my humble opinion and thank God we still have the right to our opinion: The Medical System Plan of Canada is corrupt. I have no problem saying it, I do not believe it to be corrupt, I know it is. I worked in it and I have been victimized by it. I just cannot prove the link between the schools training the doctors in pharmacopeia and our own MSP system. The evidence speaks for itself. Why can I not take my government issued, MSP card, and see the healthcare providers that have been trained to support my body’s well-being?
Why as a citizen of Canada will  the medical insurance company not support me in seeing a chiropractic doctor, a naturopathic doctor, a homeopath, herbalist, doctor of Chinese Medicine, or ayurvedic medicine or an energy medicinepractitioner? The body is designed to be in alignment and the cells work best when given the nutrients they need to function well. These are trained and certified practitioners in body chemistry and body health. It has been scientifically documented that the body has the ability to regenerate and heal itself. It was created that way like it is the way nature was designed. You can find an awesome video on this below. So why would a medical insurance company not want to support the cells in my body to function correctly to ensure the organs that make up these cells are functioning at optimum efficiency?
Why do you suppose Health and Welfare Canada can regulate self-employed individuals making it near impossible for small business but not regulate the financial industry? Our Government officials sworn into office can pass bills and legislation for everything else but there is nothing in place to protect the public from the medical system, nor the financial industry, nor the corporate food industry? They are incapable of ensuring the well-being of the citizens of Canada or the US and therefore are showing they are incompetent to lead our nation.
Their incompetence is seen in their inability to ensure the economy is regulated in such a way that it works for all people. Every man, women and child is entitled to live in luxury not just a few. Our leadership must ensure all individuals can afford a roof over their heads and nutritious food on their table.
The Canadian Health Act states:
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What Happens When Spirituality Buys into Capitalism?
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