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POINT by POINT -- Bruce D notes

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25 - POINT by POINT -- Bruce D notes Empty POINT by POINT -- Bruce D notes

Post by Ponee on Fri Apr 22, 2016 12:06 pm

Gizmosmom: Bruce's call notes Thursday April 21
The big call...with Bruce , Sue,  & Robert & Kent. They'll go thru 24 points, 
Then cover preparedness!!!

Sue reported...

1  4/22/16 is one year anniversary for TRN being out live... On 4/22/15

2  the TRN event completed the RV of servants that were put into place to wirkon this change...

3 bin essence China began moving  USA into a gold backed currency 1 yr ago.

4  in Wednesday morning Lew announced new USN currency to the world... It was suttle, & asset bk currency is out.

5  new USN currency has been printed w new imagery...

6  on Thursday eve at 4pm US markets closed for the last time on US currency

7  4/22/2016 is number of prosperity & new beginnings in far east..
8  zim has reached high rate & is set & fixed 

9  WF is only US bank to redeem zim @ high rates

10  new gold backed USN currency is expected to be active Friday morning in us banks!... Fri morning!!!!

11  Chinese, Renmimbi, yuan tradeable as gold  back currency as of 8 est tonite!!!

12  as of 4/22/16... The 1 year RV process is to be complete!... 

13  the GCR is to complete after 8 p Thursday.. Or Friday morning!

14  the structured pay outs will be used for all high pd out currencies... Zim, dinar,  & dong...& skeleton  trusts are available to keep money safe...  & banks prepared to do that.

15  there'll be special structured pay outs for redeemers.. On dinar/ dong/ zim... At a certain level

16  zim redeemers will be asked bout projects & expect to put  75% in humanitarian projects.. & expect a structured pay out to help with that! It'll also depend on the amount! Prob over 5 yr period or longer & You can access rite away...

17  security is at highest alert level possible! To keep you safe while redeeming... In & out & extensive in place!

18  call centers and  Redemption centers are fully staffed in 2 / 12 hr shifts per day! & locked down & blacked out for communication!

19  the new Chinese gold standard is expected to use the gold unit of measure, different than the Troy ounce. It's a new class & category in unit of measure

20  all public announcements have been made.. Prior to release of 800#.... China gold bk/ Laguarde/ Lew/ etc..& today is the 30 th day from Iraq's last RV...

21  Chinese elders intending to do final release codes Thursday eve/ late nite 

22  highest rates will be offered at WF for first 6 days ... Then drop

23  every zip code will have at least 2 redemption options!

24  the Full Moon reaches its peak power at 1:30 pm tonite... Chinese like tie into lunar energy cycles

25  back when Kuwait charter had loan made.. In 24 hrs they revalued
& loans were made to Iraq by IMF/ US / etc to Iraq yesterday ...( in like matter)

26  the end of the Big Call RV info & update!&thats that.. F

Locofelipe: Bruce call-- #9 through #25 points... sorry. didn't get the first ones.
9- zim is being exchanged at wf  only at high rates.

10- friday morning is the date that the fiat changes to gold backed standard

11- yuan reserve currency will be gold backed as of 8;30 tonight

12- 4-22-16 is to b complete —global, private, and public should begin

13-gcr- to be completed after 8p/m eastern time and 8 a/m china time

14- structured payouts will be used for high payouts on ALL currencies

15- 24 months- 48 months- 5 years, 10 years etc. dinar dong zim

16- zim redeemers will be asked about humanitarian projects….

17-security is highest level possible…. will not comment any further

18-call centers, redemption centers are fully staffed —2 -12 hour shifts. 

19-new chineese gold standard is going to use a new unit of measure for price of gold as the set for their currency value
not sure how it will compare to the troy ounce measurement…..

20-all required to announcements have been made…. these were required before the 800’s released.  all have been made

21-chinnese elders are intending to release  codes for total release tonight or in the morning

22- highest rates for specific currencies, for six days only… at wf only

23-every zip code has two redemption options…. some will have more. depending on populations

24-the full moon reaches its full power at 1:20 a/m eastern tonight… the chinese like to tune in to energy cycles like these.

25-don’t know if this is significant… but, standard charter bank was in charge of oversite of that revalue…. in the same concept by the IMF WB and US and meetings with charter bank took place


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25 - POINT by POINT -- Bruce D notes Empty Re: POINT by POINT -- Bruce D notes

Post by Chaz on Fri Apr 22, 2016 12:38 pm

What's the Chinese got to do with anything other than to take over the world, kill Christians,burn churches. Yep they might be Bruce's buddies, but you certainly don't hear him pray for them, do you?
Sincerely blessings Charles
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25 - POINT by POINT -- Bruce D notes Empty Re: POINT by POINT -- Bruce D notes

Post by roxy22222222 on Fri Apr 22, 2016 12:51 pm

Oh, and by the way, please buy my products lol!

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25 - POINT by POINT -- Bruce D notes Empty Re: POINT by POINT -- Bruce D notes

Post by Kevind53 on Sat Apr 23, 2016 12:53 am

Point by point, nothing but lies ...

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."1 Thessalonians 5:14–18

 25 - POINT by POINT -- Bruce D notes 2805820865  25 - POINT by POINT -- Bruce D notes 2805820865  25 - POINT by POINT -- Bruce D notes 2805820865  25 - POINT by POINT -- Bruce D notes 2805820865
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25 - POINT by POINT -- Bruce D notes Empty Re: POINT by POINT -- Bruce D notes

Post by Dr Detroit on Sat Apr 23, 2016 12:59 am

I suppose all the lemmings will forget by Monday morning that every single one of these fantasies will prove to be complete crap and will continue to hang their hat on the next gaggle of lies

Dr Detroit
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25 - POINT by POINT -- Bruce D notes Empty Re: POINT by POINT -- Bruce D notes

Post by HezekiaH on Sat Apr 23, 2016 11:52 am

When can I get my 800#? Will there be a bus to the bank that I can take?Do I have to dress up or can I wear running shoes?Should I count my money at the Bank or take it home and count it?
Bruce please help me!!!!

Wealth is what you have when all your money is gone!!!
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25 - POINT by POINT -- Bruce D notes Empty Re: POINT by POINT -- Bruce D notes

Post by Ethel Biscuit on Sat Apr 23, 2016 12:38 pm

3 bin essence

Bin essence? Is that what the gurus wear instead of eau de cologne?

picking  "Scum" - Sue Winters
Ethel Biscuit
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