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Dinar Recaps VS TerryK - An Investigation

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WSOMN2015 - Dinar Recaps VS TerryK - An Investigation Empty Dinar Recaps VS TerryK - An Investigation

Post by DayStarNet - dinaresguru on Sat Mar 19, 2016 5:20 am

There is nothing defamatory that would warrant this post being removed.  Everything being posted will be the truth, backed by solid evidence.

Since 2011, Dinar Recaps has, whether they knew it or not, provided false intel on the Iraqi Dinar.  Even after TerryK was placed in custody, they have not removed his posts:



Or his comments:
http://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog/a-note-from-dinar-recaps-1-9-16 (scroll to read Terry K saying: Thank you for this information Dr Clarke. I would appreciate any additional comments/information you wish to advise us of the pending RI/RV situation. Your comments were inspiring. "

They have promoted the Iraqi Dinar revaluation in way both above and beyond what TerryK (Terrence Keller) did.

This was despite numerous websites and statements that the RV is a scam, just today they stated the following in a blog post (source: http://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog/a-message-from-dinar-recaps-friday-night-3-18-16)

Today it has come to our attention that a post (screen shot) is circulating where the format is copied from the Dinar Recaps blog and a phony post is inserted to look like it came from us. It is a fake.

This post states that the someone (allegedly the owner of Dinar Recaps) is indeed Dr. Clarke now…

Wait…..I thought the Recaps owner was really Mountain Goat and also married to Martha?   Or was it Wife in the Know?  

Wait maybe Recaps owns all the sites and is making bazillions from un-suspecting Dinarians?

Wait maybe Recaps people spends hours and days writing up detailed intel from made-up people with articles and links and at the same time is watching all the sites to also share posts from other people with our readers  ….

Wow…..I think the Recaps team is really from Krypton and has super speed and can do all this every day without sleep….boy are we incredible…lol

Folks, the closer it appears we are to seeing our investment coming to fuuition….it seems the crazier it is getting.

We feel very, very  honored that over the years many intel providers have trusted us enough to share their updates and opinions as to where we are.

These people spend so much time updating their own friends and family members and letting us also update you at the same time. Without this optimism, hope and encouragement they are willing to share, many currency holders might have given up by now.

As we have posted before-- nothing is from us, we do not write anything...it all comes from other Dinar sites, chatrooms, and emails directly to us giving us permission to share with our readers.  Dinar Recaps has NEVER created any of the people we post.

We really want to once again thank all the intel providers throughout the years. It seems when some go silent, others step up to help out and bring us all to the end of this journey. Thank you all.

Also thanks again to all our devoted readers. We sincerely hope that all of our dreams will coming true very soon.   ~The Dinar Recaps Team
In this forum post, I will show that it was NOT A SCREENSHOT, but an actual post that was deleted.  The video is provided as evidence.

Here is evidence that the Dinar RV is a scam:

https://www.docdroid.net/132iq/doc-2-6-9-2015-amended-complaint.pdf.html Begin page 16


According to the indictment, Terrence Keller, who was also known as “TerryK,” led an internet-based group known as “The GET Team,” which consisted of a website, an internet chat forum and weekly conference calls in which, among other things, information was disseminated to participants concerning the potential investment value of the Iraqi dinar.Keller, through The GET Team, was one of the leading internet-based proponents of the “RV” theory

On The GET Team’s website, internet chat forum, and on weekly conference calls, Keller is alleged to have falsely claimed to have information from, and verified by, high-level confidential sources in the United States government, the Iraqi government, international organizations, and major financial institutions, regarding an imminent “RV.” However, Keller did not have information from, or contact with, these supposed high-level confidential sources. The indictment alleges that Keller, Rhame, Shaw, and Bell knew and believed that representations concerning an imminent “RV” of the Iraqi dinar, particularly claims that the information came from one or more supposed high-level confidential sources, would boost sales for Sterling. 
Keller allegedly claimed, directly and indirectly, to The GET Team followers that he had no financial or other ulterior motive to promote the Iraqi dinar as an investment, but, rather, that he was simply disseminating his knowledge and information so that others could benefit from it as well. To that end, Keller affirmatively told his followers that he did not make substantial profits from his dealings with Sterling and other dinar dealers that advertised with the GET Team.Keller allegedly had a secret arrangement with Rhame, Shaw and Bell to promote and “pump” the Iraqi dinar in exchange for payments made by Sterling to benefit Keller.  Since at least as early as August 2011, Sterling paid Keller over $160,000.  Keller consistently downplayed these financial benefits to his followers and listeners.  
The correlation between Sterling’s increased sales and Keller’s promotion of the Iraqi dinar was allegedly further cemented by the presence of a Sterling representative, including, at times, Rhame and Bell, on The GET Team’s conference calls and internet forums.

At various times, Rhame, Bell and other Sterling representatives participated in conference calls and internet forums in which Keller made representations to followers concerning the imminent Iraqi dinar “RV,” his access to high-level confidential sources, and claims that he was just trying to be helpful and received no financial benefit for providing this information to others.  The presence and participation of Rhame, Bell, and other Sterling representatives on The GET Team’s conference calls and internet forums provided further validation to followers that Keller’s claims about an imminent “RV” of the Iraqi dinar should be believed.

The indictment alleges that the promotional activities of Keller and other dinar promoters were essential to Sterling’s financial success and generated Sterling millions of dollars in dinar and other currency sales.

https://forms.fbi.gov/iraqi-dinar-investment-investigation If you were told to buy dinar because of a dealer/guru fill out this form

Facts laid out in plain English

In this post, Dinar Recaps has a link going back to Sterling Currency Group, it is click-able, unless they decide to change it:

Now, onto the video, here is a video of the Dinar Recaps website at the time the post was made, this was done LIVE, and as can clearly be seen, I am zooming in and out, hovering over drop-down menus and also highlighting text.  Can you do this with an image file?  No you cannot.  The site and post were recorded live.  You can zoom in by simply holding the control button and using the wheel on your mouse, go ahead and try it.

If that had been an image file, it would have suffered major degradation wouldn't it?  So it was a real post, by who is anyones guess.  This video is being hosted by Twitter:

The full Twitter thread can be found here:
https://twitter.com/dinaresguru/status/710731123748253696 yes, it's archived already.

Here is a Google search for Dr Clarke dinar, look at what Google brings up as related searches:

As can clearly be seen, doing a Google search for Dr. Clarke dinar brings up Dinar Recaps and another name.  That name is registered as being associated with DRT Distribution LLC:

Regarding the post:

There have been many dinar sites hacked in recent months, it's been discussed from here to WSOMN, (http://wsomn.activeboard.com/mobile.spark?p=topic&topic=61603453) so it's possible that this is what happened, or, someone who is responsible for posting on Recaps had their password obtained, so I would suggest that everyone who logs into Dinar Recaps changes their passwords.

I have also noticed that the individual named in the above screenshot has recently changed his last name on Facebook to Jeffreys, however, it's obvious who it is because the URL does not change just because you change your Display name.

In conclusion:

TerryK knowingly and willfully provided false information, he is under incidement.  This is a fact.

Dinar Recaps should be aware that this investment is a scam, if they don't, I would suggest they contact the FBI, research the investment by thoroughly reading the information posted on Iraq Currency Watch, or simply use common sense.  You can't make these enormous thousand percent returns on a currency investment overnight.  It has never, and will never happen, ever, end of story.

From the Dinar Recaps own website:

The owners or operators of the Website shall be all be held harmless for any/all information posted on this site and Twitter account(s) and email newsletter(s).

This is a free website and Dinar Recaps is a free service.  Any and all information contained herein shall be construed as "Rumor."  The owners and operators of the Website site shall not be held responsible for any information contained hereon including information provided by others.

Dinar Recaps, don't hide behind your own disclaimer in an effort to continue to disseminate "intel" that is blatantly false, and don't threaten site owners (iqdcalls) or individuals (TNTBS) who are providing facts.

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DayStarNet - dinaresguru
DayStarNet - dinaresguru
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WSOMN2015 - Dinar Recaps VS TerryK - An Investigation Empty Re: Dinar Recaps VS TerryK - An Investigation

Post by Toby1 on Sat Mar 19, 2016 9:33 am

Thank you thank you for all this information.
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WSOMN2015 - Dinar Recaps VS TerryK - An Investigation Empty Re: Dinar Recaps VS TerryK - An Investigation

Post by DayStarNet - dinaresguru on Sun Mar 20, 2016 4:07 am

@Toby1 wrote:Thank you thank you for all this information.

It is my pleasure Toby, you are most welcome.

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DayStarNet - dinaresguru
DayStarNet - dinaresguru
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WSOMN2015 - Dinar Recaps VS TerryK - An Investigation Empty Re: Dinar Recaps VS TerryK - An Investigation

Post by Kevind53 on Sun Mar 20, 2016 8:58 am

On the other hand, in justice, finding Dr. Clarke and Recaps linked together does not mean they are linked, only that a number of people or websites have mentioned them together. This very post will cause their web crawlers to log an association. I know of people who are linked to groups in google search that they would have nothing to do with, by virtue of that same mechanism.

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

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