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The TNT Team and WEARETHEPEOPLE twitter feed for 9-8-2015 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The TNT Team and WEARETHEPEOPLE twitter feed for 9-8-2015

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The TNT Team and WEARETHEPEOPLE twitter feed for 9-8-2015 Empty The TNT Team and WEARETHEPEOPLE twitter feed for 9-8-2015

Post by RamblerNash on Tue Sep 08, 2015 10:11 pm

Here's the @THE_TNT_TEAM and the #wearethepeople feed from today showing the lack of respect that Tony has for people. No one got an answer from Tony!

@THE_TNT_TEAM So far you have been wrong 45% of the time See How they are Making y'all Look !


@THE_TNT_TEAM what happened to mondays tweet or call? Nothing no tweet or anything to let us know whats going on

@THE_TNT_TEAM another bummer 3 day weekend.

@THE_TNT_TEAM Hi, guys, is our call at the regular time today? #wearethepeople

@THE_TNT_TEAM Are we having a call today since we did not yesterday? You had said we would on Friday since Monday's call would not happen.

@THE_TNT_TEAM On Friday you said the call would be Tuesday. Is that still true and if so is it at 1:00 PM ET?

@THE_TNT_TEAM Are you remembering the call today? Smile #wearethepeople

@THE_TNT_TEAM Hey Tony, no call today?

@THE_TNT_TEAM. Is there a call today? I've heard both yes and no

@THE_TNT_TEAM any call today ?

@THE_TNT_TEAM Is there a call today

@THE_TNT_TEAM is there a call today?

@THE_TNT_TEAM good morning TNT family Tony are we having a call today? Today is a new day! #wethepeople

@THE_TNT_TEAM call today 9/8/15 ?

@THE_TNT_TEAM u having a call today

@THE_TNT_TEAM Call today?

@THE_TNT_TEAM Markets are red and I am so blue, I want an RV and do you! #wearethepeople #runway32 #fairRVforall #letsdothis #nofidiots

@THE_TNT_TEAM Is there a call today?

@THE_TNT_TEAM are we having a call today

@THE_TNT_TEAM what's the word Tony any call today

@THE_TNT_TEAM are we having a call

@THE_TNT_TEAM R we having a cc today

@THE_TNT_TEAM no call today? to say we wait more? #wearethepeople tired of this BS! Need some real answers sounds like not for aawhile yet

@THE_TNT_TEAM Tony said he's have a call on Tuesday. Well it's Tuesday and no call. What's up? No intel to pass no?

@THE_TNT_TEAM when will the call start today? #wearethepeople

@THE_TNT_TEAM I know Tony said on the call last Friday that there would be a call on Tuesday and not Monday unless he meant 2 weeks from now

@THE_TNT_TEAM What's going on today team? Are we having phone call?

@THE_TNT_TEAM Tony were is today link ??????

@THE_TNT_TEAM I hope I didn't miss the call already

@THE_TNT_TEAM I can't believe you're not letting us know about a call today!!! #wearethepeople

@THE_TNT_TEAM Is there a tweet today

@THE_TNT_TEAM Call today??

@THE_TNT_TEAM will there be a call today Tuesday the 8th?

@THE_TNT_TEAM I thought we were having a call today

@THE_TNT_TEAM any call today, or do we go to the bank?

@THE_TNT_TEAM no call today?

Is there a call today?@the_tnt_team

@THE_TNT_TEAM Where is the CALL??? TWEET??? or something???

#wearethepeople MAYBE no call/no tweet last 2 days is GOOD NEWS? Maybe @THE_TNT_TEAM asked 2 B quiet? All spiritual msgs say this wk! PRAY!!

@THE_TNT_TEAM no call today?

@THE_TNT_TEAM please tweet status of call promised for today

@THE_TNT_TEAM It is really good idea to be in communication after a long weekend. You told everyone on Friday that we would talk Tuesday

@THE_TNT_TEAM R we waiting until Wednesday to have our call

@THE_TNT_TEAM we gonna have a call today?

@THE_TNT_TEAM I thought Friday you said there would be a call today on Tuesday. No? #wearethepeople

@THE_TNT_TEAM Guess you must have received bad intel regarding the date and time for the call... Thanks for the followup. NOT!

@THE_TNT_TEAM Is there a call today like you said Friday ???????????????????

@THE_TNT_TEAM Is there a call today or tomorrow?

@THE_TNT_TEAM ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

@THE_TNT_TEAM - It's Tues. 9/8/15 - Tony, no call today? Hope this is it! 800# next?

@THE_TNT_TEAM was said in Friday that there would be a call on Tuesday should we be expecting God new

@THE_TNT_TEAM what happened to the call you said we would have on Tuesday?

@THE_TNT_TEAM did we do a call on the 7th?

@THE_TNT_TEAM what happened to the call today

@THE_TNT_TEAM Tony are you OK? The last thing you told us was "See you Tuesday" - Tuesday is here and NO TWEET and no Tony? What's Happening

@THE_TNT_TEAM You said we would get a call Tuesday? I was looking forward to that!

@THE_TNT_TEAM hayyy...you said you would be here Tuesday?Where is the call?Did I miss it

******** Tweet string by same user *********

@[b]THE_TNT_TEAM HEY TONY!!! Why in hell did you hang up on that one gentlemen asking you a question on your last call?[/b]

@[b]THE_TNT_TEAM I wanted to hear your explanation about that one issue. I mean really man!! Tell me something partner!!!![/b]

@[b]THE_TNT_TEAM Instead you called the guy a DUMB ASS! Talk to you later man!!!!![/b]



Where is TNT Tony today?

@THE_TNT_TEAM What happened to the Call Monday?

@THE_TNT_TEAM At one time when I believed, he had @ thinking the RV would happen in days. So I went out looking for a house. Lol 5 yrs ago.

@THE_TNT_TEAM I thought since we didn't have a call yesterday that we'd have one today.. just got in from work... : ( #wearethepeople

Tony, I heard no call today...is that correct?#wearethepeople

Any link yet? #wearethepeople

Anyone know what's going on? Last call Tony said he would have a call today. #wearethepeople

#wearethepeople What happened to the call today? Anybody have a clue?

#wearethepeople I bet if you are a tnt member and have not been banned,you would know if there is a call today or not.not fair!

Looks like no call. I find it very rude that no one let us know. #wearethepeople

#wearethepeople Maybe Tony has a hangover from yesterday.

Is there no call today #wearethepeople

Tony did put something out on dinar detectives that there would be a call tomorrow, normal time. I herd the same thing #wearethepeople

Tony has no problem taking ur $$ but doesn't show you the respect that he's not doing a call after he said he was. Great guy #wearethepeople

This scam has almost hit midnight. Tony in hiding today. You can feel it in the air. #wearethepeople

We all know .... DC is in the witness protection program... He's hiding out from Tony and PamThe TNT Team and WEARETHEPEOPLE twitter feed for 9-8-2015 1f61c #wearethepeople

You want to be rich.. Do the opposite of what Elmer Fud tells you! Martha, where are u nutty? #wearethepeople

Pam is an Internet bully.. Plain and simple #wearethepeople

#wearethepeople So much for the three day weekend hype

Don't forget about all the people that have been BANNED for asking questions! #wearethepeople

#wearethepeople Who's Pam going to get to do the calls when Tony is gone? Ray? 404? Can't be DC he's in hiding.

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The TNT Team and WEARETHEPEOPLE twitter feed for 9-8-2015 Empty Re: The TNT Team and WEARETHEPEOPLE twitter feed for 9-8-2015

Post by Ssmith on Wed Sep 09, 2015 9:38 am

After promising that people would hear from him Tuesday, I wonder how Tony spent his day off? Probably counting all the money that people have donated, puffing on cigars, eating supersized hamburgers and washing them down with top shelf scotch!

The TNT Team and WEARETHEPEOPLE twitter feed for 9-8-2015 COZtEfCWEAgi4d2

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