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Olesailor Resurrected Empty Olesailor Resurrected

Post by Ssmith on Sun Jul 19, 2015 3:16 pm

With all Olesailor said he's learned from his heart attacks, it's too bad he seems to have forgotten about laughing at the 44 yr old trader who recently passed away from a heart attack and wishing the same on other traders, bankers and attorneys.


Mobius wrote
29m ago
A New York-based director of institutional credit sales at Janney Mont​gomery Scott who specialized in fixed-income trading during almost two​ decades on Wall Street, has died. He was 44. He died on July 3 in Rye​, New York, where he lived. The cause was a heart attack that occurred​ while he was driving home. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-07-06/jonathan-brook-janne​y-montgomery-debt-sales-manager-dies-at-44

olesailor wrote
28m ago
mobius couldn't happen to a nicer guy , jejeejej if he was an attorney then it would be a double wammy score, jejeej

Suomi2 wrote
27m ago
The moral...don't become a banker.

skunkworks wrote
27m ago
Suomi... you got it! Olesailor Resurrected Smile lol

Suomi2 wrote
27m ago
Ole....shame on you! LOL!!!!!

olesailor wrote
26m ago
su shame requires some degree of moral integrity, now let's see where did I put that buggar

olesailor wrote
25m ago
skunk you laugh but I have been around a lot of let's say questionable characters, many of which have more morals than bankers or attorneys, jejeej


7/18/2015  olesailor from TNT wrote:

Avast there Mateys!  Just like the Emir of Kuwait, the rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated and have only been celebrated by me ex-wives.  They were trying to book a space in Vegas and going to invite Tony and Team to celebrate their new found wealth.  Fortunately I am resurrected somewhat and thank all for your thoughts, concerns and prayers.   I have been overwhelmed by the prayer response and have been rapidly regaining my energy levels.  Thank you one and all
As an optimist I know there is a silver lining in every black cloud and I have found one the hard way and would like to share my thoughts with you.  I am retired and left the US to enjoy that dreamed of Caribbean island life style.  Believe me there is a lot of good along with some “challenges” living this way but overall I believe it is on the plus side.  However, when I left the states, I did the normal reasonable thing and got health insurance from a reputable carrier on this island and went with what I thought was a good policy with Humana.  Woe be unto the uninformed!   I dropped my Plan B Medicare coverage to save money and off to the sandy shores.   Then last Tuesday I had a stressful event in my life and in the late evening I had a horrible chest pain.  I laid down and it subsided.  Fine.  Off to sleep.  The next night a similar situation from the ongoing stressful situation and another pain.  This time I went to the emergency room and got what seemed to be appropriate equipment and medication.  Calm.  So calm I could dribble and not care.  Then off to sleep.  The next day was ok but then Friday the Oger rose from the ashes.  Chest pain extraordinaire!   Off in an ambulance which was part of the insurance plan to one of the best hospitals in the area.  They did some test but then my wife found out that Humana would not cover “a lot” of the expenses there but that I had a critical life or death situation and needed to go to the hospital next door.   So packed up and boogied.  Now get there and after a review of the EKG my wife was told there was no room available in the Cardiac Intensive Care ward.  Wow.  Ogre poop was piling up.  After an hour in a wheelchair in pain my wife pulled a miracle and “found” an empty bed.  Incarcerated in a bed and told not to move, set up, etc.  On la la drugs for two days and then I found out that my health insurance did not cover ANYTHING.  Now here is a key point.  At least on this island, you don’t get treatment until you pay!   Ponder that!  Without knowing what was going on I was in bed, drugged so that I needed a permeant connection to a urinal all the while in the background my wife was scrambling for a small fortune IN CASH, which we didn’t have.  Without that, I would have been sent home and told to come back when I had the money.  Fortunately I have a creative and loving wife and without her I would have been pushing up empty rum bottles now.  They started the procedure to find out how much blockage I had.  Not what they expected and more money was required.  So there I laid, naked on a cold table visualizing sailing the high seas while waiting on the money to proceed.  Ponder that.  Not enough money so could only address two of the three issues.  Ponder that.
Now the lessons.
Fully explore your insurance before you leave the country and understand that the big boys like Cigna and Humana do not treat you the same in other countries as they do in the US.
Make sure you have ready access to cash especially late at night.
This is important.  More than in the US, you really only get quality care if you have money and the quality of Doctor you get is ALSO accordingly evaluated.
If you are not familiar with the country culture, fluently speak its language, and be a little street smart, you better have someone with you full time who is and who you would trust with your life.  You live or die situation may depend on who you know, what you know, and how much money you have in hand.
Always carry a bottle of rum with you in the even you didn’t plan properly and want an emergency going away party.
I am not saying don’t travel, just be aware of the complications and well prepared.  My Bucket List is still full of travel but I am taking a totally different perspective of how I am going to do it.  I am preparing my planning now to implement immediate post rv to be ready to partee hardy around the world.
Again, thanks for all the kind words, thoughts, and prayers and May Yahweh watch over each of us in our travels

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Olesailor Resurrected Empty Re: Olesailor Resurrected

Post by RamblerNash on Sun Jul 19, 2015 4:54 pm

"On la la drugs for two days..."

You came out of a drug induced stupor to post on the TNT forum?

Talk to Pam recently?

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Olesailor Resurrected Empty Re: Olesailor Resurrected

Post by Kevind53 on Sun Jul 19, 2015 6:45 pm

Looks like he did not learn from Karma the first time around.

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