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Judge's email: ksd_murguia_chambers@ksd.uscourts.gov
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DA's email: Scott.Rask@usdoj.gov
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 Anthony Renfrow Pleads Guilty – TNT Dinar Is Finished

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PostSubject: Anthony Renfrow Pleads Guilty – TNT Dinar Is Finished   Sat May 30, 2015 12:01 pm


Anthony Renfrow Pleads Guilty – TNT Dinar Is Finished

May 30, 2015 by petrockdude

Please note that there is an audio file in the middle of this article that you have never heard in which Tony admits his daughter was paid by PTR and why donations are needed (this was in July of 2013).

Anthony Renfrow, everybody’s favorite dinar guru (you either hate him or love him) from TNT Dinar has finally admitted that he is guilty of his 14dailyplus scam.  Tony’s court case number is 2:12-cr-20041.  This case is in the Kansas area District Court.  The history is simple, back in 2006, Renfrow held conference calls (sound familiar) to lure investors into his autosurf program, they paid to get in.

A few people got paid in the beginning, bragged on message boards, then the program was cut off.  To this day, people still have affiliate links up, however Nick Giammarino was able to obtain Tony’s old scam site recently, which is funny because I’m not sure why he needs it, maybe he will have a way for victims to vent, don’t know.

What about the TNT Dinar website?  Obviously, Tony will probably take it down.  Let’s not forget that Tony not only admitted he worked for Sterling Currency Group, but he also had their link up on his website, see the archived images below:

Here is an archived copy of Tony’s website including a phone call he forgot to delete:

Obviously, what he says in the call from July 12, 2013 are exactly the same lies he states in June 2015.
Nick posted a new video here on his Dinar RV News YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/dinarrvnews

Gurus Versus Normal People

People need to understand that it’s not Nick versus Tony, or which guru is right, it’s all about the truth. Some people choose to listen to the truth and wake up, or to at least consider the chance that they were lied to. Other people see what Nick and others like TNTBS and a few others on Twitter like Nash Rambler, ss2047 and ReapAndSow (see Twitter) and they attack these guys instead of saying thanks.

This reminds me of Obama supporters. Rather than admit they were wrong for voting for or for following Obama (think TNT Tony) they continue to support a known liar, and they attack anyone who brings out the truth, even if it means they are defending a liar.

Lots of similarities between Obama supporters and TNT members. No, it’s not because they are both black, don’t even start that argument. People have started to think about race in a new way. The biggest issue is this divide and conquer going on. The media attempts to divide us, not unite us. Divided, we are useless, together, we are powerful.  The most important thing to remember is that God created all of us, equal.

Anthony Renfrow – TNT Dinar

Tony is definitely going to jail, however I’m not sure how much time Tony will get, here is a recently shared slideshare document from the Iraqi Dinar reset guy.

TNT Dinar – TNT Tony Court Case 2:12-cr-20041 Update from Internet Marketing, L.L.C.

There you go, Tony finally said something he should have said back in 2012 when he was indicted.  Here is a PDF of the original TNT Dinar Indictment Original

If you don’t have a PDF reader, get it here:

At this time, I believe that Tony will still get at least one year in prison.  You have to remember, this was over $1.6 million dollars lost to investors.  Tony is still asking for donations on this TNT Activeboard.  I have access.  On Tony’s call from July 9, 2013, Tony said the following:

Quote :
“My daughter was getting a check from PTR that she’s not getting anymore.  So, I know I have to give it to her but if you guys want to help me give it to her that’s OK.”

Please share this recording of the exchange – I took this from the original broadcast.  The above statement is made in the mp3 around the 2 minute 20 second mark.  PLEASE SHARE IT AND REFERENCE MY SITE

Deleted TNT call 2013 July 9th

2013-0712 Tony Worship God Bless You Latasha Renfrow got paid

Tamara Renfrow

Hey Tony, what was your wife Tamara Renfrow doing?  Taking out too many loans at once?  Please look at this collections civil suit featuring her:

Obviously, she is too busy partying to be concerned about how many loans she is taking out.  Here is a picture of her and Tony having fun with other people’s money.  What else is new?

Give her a call and let her know what you think about what her husband is up to.

Better yet, call Tony himself and ask him what’s up

If you want to talk to Winston Pfiester (DC) call him up.  Winston’s middle name is Bunk, do you know what Bunk means?  Bunk means nonsense, drivel, garbage.  This is pretty close to what DC does, he lies, and delivers the garbage to everyone on the calls.

As the song goes, you got a $20 bill, put your hands up.

Nick Giammarino (Global Reset Guy)

Nick doesn’t mention Tony on his podcasts, but here they are if you want, note that the last podcast was in November 2014.  I bet he will do another one soon since it’s been a year since we have heard a new podcast.


iTunes link:


Dinar Call Sites

There is really just one site you need to check out, it’s http://www.iqdcalls.com/ why bother looking around when this one has it all! 
Actually, you should check out the videos on http://www.truthcall.com/tony.html he keeps the site up to date with the latest Tony news.

That’s basically it guys, please share this article.  Thanks!
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PostSubject: Re: Anthony Renfrow Pleads Guilty – TNT Dinar Is Finished   Sun May 31, 2015 3:23 pm

They are saying on other sites that Tony will only get 1 year in jail.
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PostSubject: Re: Anthony Renfrow Pleads Guilty – TNT Dinar Is Finished   Sun May 31, 2015 3:49 pm

The agreement is for a 1 year sentence, however there is no guarantee the judge will agree to that. As I understand it a probation officer will investigate Phoney's criminal record, background etc. and based on what they find will make a recommendation to the judge, the judge than takes everything into account and makes the final decision. IF they look at his current activities, and if a quarter of the people who said they will contact them do, they MAY decide Phoney is getting off too easy. Only time will tell.

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PostSubject: Re: Anthony Renfrow Pleads Guilty – TNT Dinar Is Finished   Wed Jun 03, 2015 11:02 pm

Notice the ad for Sterling on the TNT Dinar web page.  Tony is in this DEEP!
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Anthony Renfrow Pleads Guilty – TNT Dinar Is Finished
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