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Maybe a GOOD Time to Re-post "March 18 I Set You Free" DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Maybe a GOOD Time to Re-post "March 18 I Set You Free"

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Maybe a GOOD Time to Re-post "March 18 I Set You Free" Empty Maybe a GOOD Time to Re-post "March 18 I Set You Free"

Post by Ssmith on Mon Mar 16, 2015 10:49 am

Here's a couple stories from TNT to get everyone pumped for Wednesday, March 18th:

SparkyOne wrote:

Perhaps many have missed this~I have had to wait a long time to be able to share this in a big way~ with all of the news & intel today I feel now it will be received as it should be....with MUCH encouragement~This commentary is now 6 years old but Dr. Jones' dream was 29 years ago...

A Prophetic Dream Being Fulfilled Now?

Mar 19, 2009

On Feb. 6, 1986 I had a dream that I actually remembered. I seldom get significant dreams. I can count the significant dreams on one hand. But this was one that I wrote down because I knew it was important.
I was living and working in Batesville, Arkansas at the time. I dreamed that I was at work and got a paycheck. I went across the street to the bank to cash the check--which was strange, because there was no bank across the street in real life. Some years later, however, a bank was built at that very location!
Anyway, as I cashed my check, I found that it was a rather strange check, because at the place I was to endorse the check, there was a box of small writing, and it was signed by Ronald Reagan, who was president at the time. I only remember that in the box was the date written: March 18.

When I cashed the check, the bank teller told me, "This is the beginning of a lot of money." ((? Wanta-Reagan-Mitterand protocol? Just my thought /note, not Dr. Jones')) in the dream, I knew this was important, and so I told her to repeat it to me, because I wanted to remember it when I woke up! She did, and sure enough, I remembered it when I awoke.
In praying about it later, the Lord said, "March 18 I set you free."
Over the years, I have watched March 18, because sometimes monetary signs occur on that day. Sometimes, too, they are signs of a Jubilee ("I set you free"). The last major Jubilee sign occurred on that date in 1997, when we established the Jubilee Charitable Trust. Only when it was completed on that date did it occur to me that it was connected to the Word in 1986.
Other people have noticed this date in their own lives as well, beginning in 1986. But I cannot tell you their stories. I can say only that God set people free by much tribulation.
On March 18, 1999 we attended Carl Petty's funeral. He was an old friend, whom I mentioned in my book, The Wars of the Lord. Ron referred to him in two ways: "The King" and "Petty Cash." The latter name was just to keep him humble--as if he needed that! I wonder if perhaps this too may be prophetic, especially because of the 10-year Hezekiah Factor (1999-2009). Obviously, March 18, 2009 was the funeral of petty cash on a national scale. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke announced his intention to create $1.25 Trillion to inject into the economy. This is called "monetizing the debt," which simply refers to the creation of new money instead of selling Treasury bonds in exchange for previously-created money that is already in circulation.
The currency markets were immediately rocked by this. The value of the dollar plummeted and, as I write this, it takes more than $1.36 to buy one euro. On March 4 the going price was $1.24. On March 18 the dollar went from a low of $1.2986 to a close of $1.3533, a drop in value of nearly 6 cents. And today it has reached $1.3737.
Bernanke's creation of $1.25 Trillion is unprecedented in world history. Yes, indeed, this is the beginning of a lot of money. If this gets out of hand, watch for foreign nations to begin dumping dollars to contain their losses. If this happens, Katie, bar the doors, we're in for a wild ride as people prepare for hyper-inflation.

Response by Freeladyjo:

[ltr]A strange Dinar story[/ltr]

Mar 24, 2011

Here is a rather weird story about an incident that took place about two months ago, end of January. Take it for what it's worth. . .
Posted Today, 06:23 PM on People's Dinar by Johnny.
Ok, this seems to be the place to share this second hand "Spooky" intel since what I'm about to share could be a little into the spiritual realm. It is second hand though because the person it happened to did not want to share it for fear of bashing. He is a PD member and is a pastor from a northern colorado town. If you do some research you might be able to find him and pm him yourself. I'll let him know that I posted this so that he could confirm or deny! LOL! Anyways, this is it: This happened back in late January during the Egyptian uprising.
He was at a Carls Jr. having a meeting with his youth pastor about church stuff. When they finished eating and meeting they got up and began to walk out. There was man that was sitting behind him that had a peculiar look. He describes him as an ethnic looking man with olive skin and dark hair and the physic of a UFC fighter with strong features and a chiseled chin. He was so detailed about his looks that I teased him and said, "Dude, do you have a man crush going on or what??"
He said that there was something energizing about his presence but he can't describe what it was. So this man asks, "Where's your church" while he is looking/texting on his smart phone, never looking up. My friend was a little thrown off because this man would not look up. My friend answers and says we are just down the road, you should come and visit us on Sunday. The man says that he is just passing through but then asked, "Do you believe in coincidence?" My friends says, "No". The man then says, "Sit down I want to tell you something that will help prepare your family and church for what is going to happen". So they sit and the man writes on the back of his Carls Jr. receipt the name of a Dinar site, gives it to him and says go to this website and order some Iraqi dinar. My friend tells him that he has some and is familiar with it.
The man tells him, "Good, it's going to revalue soon and when it does you need to buy silver and gold because once it does everything is going to change". My friend said, "Well we heard that it's supposed to RV any day now". The man responds, "Not yet but soon. What you see going on in Egypt is going to happen in two more middle eastern countries and the US will go into another war." and then he says this, "When it does happen it will RV at 3.18, when it does RV, everything is going to change". My friend said that he was fluttery in his spirit and not able to think straight when this man was talking. He was able to ask him, "So how do you know this , what do you do?" The man answered, "I do what I do and I'm good at it". My friend then left with his Youth Pastor feeling weird. When my friend finally got his composure he turned around and went back to talk to him some more but the man was gone. (of course!).
Now I know this sounds weird but its happened. What was even weirder to me and my wife was that 2 weeks before this encounter my wife was in prayer and she heard the Lord say, "I do what I do and I'm good at it" She wrote it down in her prayer/prophetic book and told me about it. I blew it off like I usually do but when this happened with my friend I got the heebeegeebees! So take it for what it is. I kept telling him to post this but the bashers scared him away. This whole thread is about spooky stuff so I thought it would fit. Take it for what its worth to you or throw it away.
I'm an Assembly of God pastor and have nothing to gain for posting this. My friend is also a pastor so he has nothing to gain from making this up. He still has the Carls Jr receipt that this man wrote on if you would like a pic of it look him up and send him a message.
One more thing, my friend asked him his name and he said my name is "Abriel", which means, "Congregation of God".

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