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Thoughts by STREET

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Thoughts by STREET Empty Thoughts by STREET

Post by Ponee on Thu Jul 03, 2014 11:48 am

Thoughts By "Street" and snippet from Millionday

My thoughts and milliondays at the end - Street

Despite the fact that parliament did not do what we thought that they would do yesterday politically, there is still a lot going on economically and with the banking.

As I pointed out yesterday the ISX when live with electronic trading on Sunday even though they told us that they would be doing it on Tuesday.

So they are done and are able to connect to the global stock markets in a few seconds after being given the ok. Millionday has a great reputation as a news hound so I wanted to add a snippet from her news yesterday.

Personally, I think this is all ready to go live international with the new rate and we just need the GOI to be seated.

If you have any doubts then ask yourself these questions:

Why would all of the international banks flood into Iraq when they can’t make money??

Why were the international swift codes just given to each bank that are necessary for international banking??

Why did Iraq set up custodial banks for the ISX if they weren’t planning on it going global??

Why spend the masses of monies and time to bring the ISX to the state of the art global trading platform that includes forex trading with connections to all of the major global stock markets??

-Why has Iraq signed so many private sector contracts around the globe when they can’t do anything with them without and international currency of value??

Why were the smart cards developed with Visa & MasterCard if the monies on them could not be used globally outside of Iraq??

Why has the CBI gathered 80 billion or more in foreign currency for their reserves and then added that much or more in gold and then say it’s not to be spent, that it is to support the global value of the IQD??

Lastly, Why did the CBI governor Turki say last week that the CBI apologized for not moving to a market economy as planned but it was because of the political situation. You can’t move to a market economy without a global currency..Why did he say this??

I think that you all can answer the above for yourselves.. there is as saying that you don’t know what you don’t know until you find out that you didn’t know it.

So in closing I don’t know what else needs to be done to bring out the international value of the IQD other than what Turiki has said and it just happens to be the same thing as the former CBI gov Shabibi said, (show me a fully seated GOV and I will show you the most powerful currency on the globe)…

Many are saying just follow the money and yes I agree but at this point in our investment I think that we must give credence to what the 2 CBI governors have stated and that is a fully seated Government…

So we know there is a plan and what it is and at this point I think we know what needs to be done to bring the plan to an end, meaning RV. And as far as the security issue goes, I believe that it will work itself out quickly and is not a main issue…

Remember Money & banks control corporations.. Corporations control politicians.. This will get done and I believe very soon. Just thinking out loud and I hope this helps anyone that has confusion or doubt.. Enjoy your day ~Street


7-1-2014 Millionday ...dont get political and economical confused. i do not agree that they will have to put the trade and the isx and the smart cards and budget and all of CBI independent work on hold.

i think that they are moving very fast compared to what we have seen in the past and CBI has moved mountains -- yesterday they declared they are basel III compliant -- that is international compliance -- very good news.

...and they have announced once again -- the smart cards are being loaded with all gov benefits TODAY.



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