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Christmas Angels

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Christmas Angels Empty Christmas Angels

Post by Ponee on Fri Dec 20, 2013 3:03 pm

There is, and has been, so much interest in angels. If someone as reliable as Augustine says they are nearly omnipresent, should we be surprised that they take a special role in helping us to celebrate Christmas! Read on about a ceramic angel coming to life to lead nursing home residents on a Christmas Eve romp!

Christmas Angels 535469344_536726

Christmas Angels

The place was austere, without much warmth. The common room had a single television set, some perfunctory false leather furniture and an open area for the wheelchairs that it usually accommodated. I was looking into the gathering area of the 'Angels of Mercy nursing home, a place where I visit occasionally to cheer some of the residents there. It was a week before Christmas, and an artificial tree that had been decorated by the staff was standing in one corner, the front door had been decorated with spray-on snowmen and angels, and little cardboard cut-outs of santas and reindeer were stuck on the wall.

It was decorated with the usual things but my heart sensed there was something missing. I looked at all the vacant faces gathered there. My heart started to ache with the realization of what it was that was missing. It was missing the spirit of love of the Christmas season. I looked for it but saw it in no ones face.

I walked through the room saying "hello" to those I knew by name and a smile and hello to those I didn't. Then an idea hit me, I clapped my hands and the heads snapped up as I headed for the old piano in the corner. I lifted the cover on that piano, (even though I am no pianist) and said, "OK, Mrs. Robertson, what is your very favorite carol of all time?" She replied, "Wll, I have always favored "O Tannenbaum." I began with a few notes from the old carol.

"I can't remember the words, could you sing a few lines for me Mrs. Robertson?" She started singing in her somewhat weak 85 year old voice.

Before you knew it, most of the room had joined in. Now I am sure that to an outsider it may have sounded pretty bad, but to the angels guarding the gates of heaven, they were the sweetest, purest notes and surely made the angels weep. The whole afternoon and evening were filled "Angels We Have Heard On High", "Oh Holy Night", and many, many other carols. When I said it was time for me to go home, I heard many say, "Please, don't leave." It hurt to go. I did see the glimmer of that special Christmas spirit in those faces before I left. I had promised them all that I would make time Christmas afternoon to come back.

My week was full of shopping and preparing for a family celebration of the birth of the Christ child. I was out shopping Thursday afternoon before Christmas and decided on a whim to go into a thrift shop. I was drawn to a corner of the shop where I saw an angel statue. It was about two feet tall and covered with dust. I dusted it the best I could and underneath was a beautiful face. The garment was of blue and white, and it held a Christmas tree in one arm and a child with a lamb in the other.

When I looked into the angel's face something magical happened. I can not explain it, but a wonderful warmth came over me and I couldn't help but smile. It was if the thought had been placed in my head. I ask the shop owner the price.

"Oh that angel has been there a long time, how about two dollars?

" I said sold! As I carried the treasure from the shop, I already knew where I was going to stop on my way home. I carried the statue into the lobby of the Angels of Mercy nursing home. The old folk were in the gathering room as usual. I sat the angel on a table in the middle of the room. Immediately the people gathered round her. I said I thought this may add a little cheer to your holiday. It wasn't long before I heard Mrs. Robertson saying very softly "Yes dear, you have come home". A strange thing was happening in their faces. It was a light, a smile, a radiant glow. I left, heading for home thinking now that was an appreciated gift.

Christmas Eve came and all the gifts had been placed under the tree. I was sitting on the window seat with a hot cup of cocoa gazing at the stars in a Christmas sky. Now that is strange; I saw a hazy glow off to the left. I thought, "Oh it is probably just northern lights or something," but if I remembered correctly that was west not north. Oh well, I was tired, and sleep was overcoming me, so I went to bed.

Christmas morning had come bright and clear. I looked out the window and a miracle had taken place over night. A blanket of fresh snow covered the ground. It was breath taking in it's beauty. The morning went fast with wrapping paper strewn everywhere. We had nice, hot cinnamon buns and cocoa for breakfast since our big, family dinner wouldn't be until seven that evening. After church I told my family I was going to the nursing home for a visit. My husband and children said "hey, we will go too," and I was so pleased that they would do that.

We arrived at the nursing home around one o'clock. As I walked thru the front door I could not believe my eyes and ears. I heard singing laughter, and conversation. I saw smiles, jubilant faces, rosy cheeks and happiness, the very essence of Christmas spirit. Now I wonder what had caused this change? My husband looked at me smiling and said, "I thought you said this place needed cheering up?" I just laughed and shrugged my shoulders in a "I-don't- know-what-happened" expression.

As I walked in, everyone greeted me with "Merry Christmas" and "Thank you."

"Thank you for what?"

"You have made this Christmas the best one ever for us."

Well I didn't understand, but I soon would hear the story that will always be held in my heart. Mrs. Robertson asked, "Come over and sit down, I have something to tell you."

I sat down in a chair next to Mrs Robertson and listened. She had the most wonderful gleam in her eyes and was fidgeting in her seat like a child. She started telling me what had happened. It was the angel, she gave us a Christmas miracle last night.

"The angel? What angel? What did she do?"

"The Christmas angel you brought us. She came to our rooms at midnight last night and woke us all. She bid us all to come to the gathering room. When we were all there she touch every single one of us. Oh, she is so beautiful, such a beautiful smile and a golden light all around her. She told us all that it was the Christ Child's birthday and we were to celebrate. Then she ask each of us to remember back to childhood and see the fun we use to have. She said look into yourself and find the Christmas heart of a child. Then it was like being in a snowglobe. There was soft snow falling all around and we were all playing like children. Old Mr. Woods who hasn't been able to walk in fifteen years was running up the hill out back with a sled and sliding down. Ten of the other residence were building the biggest snowman you have ever seen, and I along with several others were making snow angels. We played, had snowball fights, laughed, and cried at the joy we found in having a childs heart again. It was a gift, a blessing to be shown that we all still had the gift of knowing how the heart of a child see's the world with such innocence. As morning approached we all found ourselves in our beds and in spite of the miraculous night we all felt well rested.

"There is not one resident in this nursing home that woke up this morning without a Christmas heart and the loving spirit it holds. This day holds many miracles and the birth of Jesus was a celebration of spirit. The angel gave us back something we had thought lost. We will not let it slip away again. She showed us that we may be old but we are still useful. All morning the whole group of us has been cooking up ways to help others and still be a useful part of our community. So yes thank you my dear friend for bringing us the angel. No one could have possibly given us a better gift."

After many hugs and kisses my family left the nursing home. I was still mulling around what I had been told in my head. Thinking, "Well, that was a wonderful dream Mrs. Robertson had." When I was walking down the sidewalk in front of the home and I gazed back at the hill to the left side of the building. My eyes got big, and tears started running down my cheeks. On top of the hill was the biggest snowman I have ever seen, all up and down the steep part of the hill was tracks made by a sled and the most beautiful snow angels covered the whole side of the hill. About the same time I was looking at this I was remembering the strange glow I had seen in the sky the night before. Never will I doubt the power of the Christmas spirit or the angels looking after us again.

I hope you find the Christmas spirit of a child this year and I hope also it never leaves you. Think of those in nursing homes this year without family or friends to share with. Maybe you can find an hour or two out of your holidays to bring someone the gift of love by visiting a nursing home.

Maybe you don't believe this story really happened, but maybe you have the Christmas heart of a child and your spirit knows it really did. I'll leave that up to you to decide. Merry Christmas, everyone. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESUS!!!!!!

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Christmas Angels Empty Re: Christmas Angels

Post by Guest on Fri Dec 20, 2013 4:56 pm

A different angle on Angels from Bill!! We are told we are Light and he proves it.



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