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Post by Just Da Truth on Mon Mar 26, 2012 2:02 am

We were told over two months ago that upon execution of the deletion of three 0's from the currency that a big effort would be seen to educate the citizens and answer all their questions pertaining to. Remember this? Well, in this article we read [again] of Maliki's meeting with "a number of notables and tribal leaders" and this IMO fits well into the model of what we expect...soon. I would have loved to had access to this meeting as there were likely many things told these ppl that would have interested us:

Maliki: the national meeting next weekGiven that I always adhere to the 'body of evidence' it is important to not that SOME articles are saying this is not to be seen until immediately affer the Arab Summit. In most of THOSE articles tho, I speculate that that language was 'inserted' into the news and have some reason to support my thoughts but nothing solid to prove my point on this.
Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to hold a national meeting next week, as [he also] announced the resolution of all files of Iraq's relationship with Arab countries and the United Nations. This last sentence should have made us all do cartwheels!! Not "some" or "part" but "all" files... Called al-Maliki during his meeting yesterday with the Preparatory Committee for the meeting of the National [conference preparatory committee] completing its work as soon as possible, saying in a statement received [this]"morning," [and providing the attendees] a copy of it, the need urgent need to review all issues and matters relating to the building of the Iraqi state after the withdrawal of U.S. forces. The sense of urgency has not waned but rather IMO grown over the past few weeks. In passing out copies of his meeting with the prep committee it is clear he wanted those present in THIS meeting to see his seriousness in the matter of "all files" being implemented "as soon as possible".
This entire paragraph that follows SHOULD have been presented here in 'HUGE' font....it's that good...
The scheduled meeting of the National [Conference is meant] to cut off [dispel] any doubt of holding this important meeting after several meetings of the Preparatory Committee [have been met with much progress]. Translation: "Hang with us just a bit longer guys, these things ARE going to become a reality...soon, here, read this memo we have passed out, I just met with em and they have their marching orders to get things completed ASAP." On the other hand [L@@King at the big picture], the Prime Minister during his meeting with a number of notables and tribal leaders [from] the province of Baghdad, said that "Iraq is witnessing [in] these [very] days sophisticated [a major shift for the betterment of all] in its relations with the countries of the world, especially Arab ones, and was [just recently] able to settle all outstanding files, both with the United Nations or the Arab countries." "The days ahead are going to be the glory days of our nation and our ppl"

This now brings us to the current happenings in Baghdad. The City is being systematically shut down but there are some questions as to the severity of this AND the early timing of it all. Here I am beginning to try and paint a picture of the perfect environment that has been created for a MAJOR change that might be require unprecedented levels of security...

Summit closed the streets of Baghdad and turned into a ghost town
24.3.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
BAGHDAD / Majid flood - ...Iraq, after more than two decades on [hosting] the last summit, receives its peak III [third such summit], which will be held on the twenty-ninth of this month, yesterday [the citizens] woke [all around] Baghdad, [greeted by] a military presence thick, [remarking that this] reminds us of the days of coups, has blasted apart [stopped the freedom of movement within] the capital from east to west, from north to south, forcing people to walk on foot to get to their places, and [even] this is not allowed [hampered] by the security forces, [whose efforts begun] yesterday [have effectively] turned Baghdad into a ghost town, although the summit did not take place after, and before the session six days Allow me to re-order this last phrase to read:[although the summit session is not to take place for another six days these unreasonably early measures have created a] clouded atmosphere of provocation on the mood of the citizen who expressed strong dissatisfaction of all the security measures that are the most since [our city was descended upon in] 2003 to this day, we [as proud citizens all] hope [for] the summit's success, but [decidedly do] not like these measures [that have] paralyzed traffic across the capital, and [now in the stillness have] referred to the [atmosphere in our] city like [unto that of] ghost towns. Experiencing [now in the] capital strict security measures and [those at such an] unprecedented [level] is [it really necessary] to spread [such levels of] heavy security and [to] set up checkpoints in the streets, as well as the [extreme measures of the] inspection [of] the exact [contents of each] vehicle and [even] citizens [just walking from place to place], resulting in a paralyzed [line of] traffic and [lack of movement or] momentum of the traffic [already being] heavy [in Baghdad], while [this is odd enough,] the government [has also] announced that the disruption of the official working in government institutions [is to be expected], starting on March 25 being, and [lasting] until the first of next April. Do you see these measures as both early and extreme?
http://www.sotaliraq.com/mobile-news.ph ... z1q21ESWhI

We now see more happenings revealed Saturday that make you go "Hmmm"

Summit Without Newspapers ..And stop the activities of the mandatory technical and sporting and cultural

24.3.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) -

BAGHDAD / Abdul Jabbar Zebra - term in spite of the confusion and resentment based in Baghdad, but some people interpret the security measures taken, Badah in a country like Iraq [prone to violence], seeks to protect his guests Arab leaders and honor them [with] security to [facilitate the] return [of Iraq,] Baghdad to the Arab fold. [The fact is that everything] has [been] disrupted [in that the level of] security measures is unprecedented [in our history, being] taken by the Iraqi government, [effectively halting] the movement around the capital Baghdad, and [this has] led to the disabling of cultural activities, sports, art and access to social, commercial and financial transactions after the government announced the granting of government institutions holiday starting on Sunday, until the first day one of next month [April 1], with the holiday routine weekly on Friday and Saturday, which leads naturally to the invisibility of the newspapers for publication during this period, which will continue in this case over the next week and beyond, that is, to what a decade after the Arab summit conference in January 29. "Due to the crisis created by the Arab Summit and the resultant shut down of all commerce due to security concerns, we regrettably will ALSO be seeing the newspapers shut down until affer the Summit"

These included measures to close the ports major in different areas and the closure of a number of bridges between both sides of the capital city of Karkh and Rusafa, and the proliferation of checkpoints that you searched the car thoroughly, leading to lack of exchange of visits between relatives during that period, particularly between areas separated by streets of a major task or bridges. was accompanied by all this with the spread of rumors that the days of the holiday will see a curfew, which made ​​the most of the families you are buying food supplies basic and storage, suggesting the Iraqis to (grace) mobile phones and the Internet as a means of communication and entertainment, in the case of boredom that you may acquire during the holidays long and forced which will have to spent in the home, which are not used it much.
Iraqi newspapers have closed down since last Thursday, and decided [not] to run it [has] withheld publication until after the Arab summit, for many reasons, the most important security measures that are difficult with the arrival of workers in the newspapers to their places of work easily , and the difficulty of movements normal, as well as the desire of distributors of newspapers, so, for they who control the market and find that their situation [would be different]if [viewed from the perspective of] ordinary citizens. as well as the complaint [from] the owners of printing presses from not being able to print, because of the absence of most of their workers, as well as the lack of [demand to] buy newspapers as long as the people in the holiday and the streets are almost empty, as it is difficult to send papers to the provinces, due to the lack of cars for delivery to the usual points of sale such as [we are expecting in the coming] days.
Notice below that the journalists are scratching their heads, at no other time have the ppl been so keen to stay informed on the daily happenings in the country:
Therefore, in the opinion distributors that it is better not to issue newspapers, because they will continue to (sleeping)[lack in demand as] they have, which is surprising when most of the journalists , who [have] denounced the lack of newspapers for eight days in spite of the Arab summit which some describe as "[having] increased the [demand for the] press daily", [during this time in] which people need to follow the news daily and [that all the more as they seek] the details of developments there until its scheduled date [of completion].
For its part, the Iraqi market for securities, for stop trading for a week starting March 25, present on the occasion of the Arab summit in Baghdad and the Government's decision to disrupt the official working hours where . said in a statement issued by the Iraqi market: "The Board of Governors decided to stop trading on Sunday, March 25, 2012, until Thursday 29 March 2012, pointing out that" the first session of the market will be the day after the first Sunday of April 2012. "securities trading to begin on Monday April 2 [as I read this]

I ALMOST deleted the remainder of this article but considered this...the message I am seeing from Sat is that ALL of Baghdad is shut down. A quick reading of the remainder here will reinforce this fact...
The same was reflected in the activities cultural, have been suspended and postponed activities spontaneously and without the need to declare that, in a clear reference to the difficulty of access is leading to non-attendance of intellectuals and writers of any forums, including the Union of writers and authors who showed signs of postponement of its morning and evening since last Tuesday, when it was postponing an evening not to attend the required number.

As noted men of letters to the difficulty of access to the Union headquarters, located in central Baghdad, makes it imperative for them absence of forced, and therefore, any meeting can not be established in such a climate of confused.

said writer Inas al-Badran, Director of the Forum Nazik the angels, she proceeded to postpone the celebration Spring poets, which it was hoped that the hosted forum on Thursday at the French Institute, because of the number of attendees a little, and the closure of Abu Nawas street which is located the Institute on the edge of it. and delayed also exercises performed by the theater until after the the Summit, because of the holiday that the training takes place within the National Theatre under his administration the holiday official, and this also includes the postponement of filming TV series to the inability of most of the representatives of the audience in a timely manner, as well as some plays will depend to being located in Saadoun Street and the eastern section, and certainly also closed social clubs and halls artistic doors for the same reasons.

http://www.sotaliraq.com/mobile-news.ph ... z1q0NQdHPj

Now a L@@K at the stock market:

Stock exchange decided to stop trading
On: Saturday 03/24/2012 6:37
Decided the Iraqi market for securities to stop trading for a week, from March 25, current, on the occasion of the Arab summit in Baghdad and the decision to disrupt the official working hours. Said in a statement issued by the Iraqi market that the Board of Governors decided to stop trading on Sunday, March 25, 2012, until Thursday 29 March 2012,
He pointed out that the first session of the market will be the day after the first Sunday of April 2012. The statement added that "the decision to stop trading in the market is part of the celebration of the convening of the Arab summit in Baghdad and the Government's decision to disrupt the official working in it." The government announced in the words of its spokesman Ali Skinner, on 20 March 2012, the disruption of the official working in government institutions in the capital Baghdad on Sunday (25 March current) until the first of next April, on the occasion of the Arab summit in Baghdad, after a series of coordinated attacks that targeted our cities, several Iraqi and killed and injuring more than 250 people.

http://translate.googleusercontent.com/ ... 0O6IX5oE6A

Securities Commission confirms that the impact of the deletion of zeros on the Government of Iraq's foreign

بتاريخ : الأحد 25-03-2012 06:31 صباحا On: Sun 03/25/2012 6:31
Baghdad / term
Authority announced the Iraq Stock Exchange [announced] yesterday, Saturday, that the deletion of three zeros from the local currency will not affect the level of equity investment of external and internal. Thats quite interesting news, but why is it news today? This 'strategic' project isn't slated for implementation until 2013 right? So why all the bother with stock values n such? Notice what they say here in the next breath: And announced that the Securities Commission for its efffective off from Sunday until next Thursday in response to the holiday announced by the Iraqi government. Yeah, maybe I am digging a little too deep but I sure see this as the 'perfect storm' all dressed up and no where to go....KINDA a big deal isn't it? I mean shutting down the ISX for a week? Oh well...

The executive director Abdul Razak said that "the deletion of zeros from the local currency is currently only being [discussed and this process] is [purely] organizational and it will not affect the level of trading stock investment foreign and domestic," noting that "continuous coordination [has been taking place] with the Central Bank to regulate the process of deleting the zeros and [we wish to instill] confidence that it will not affect the level of trading domestic and foreign stocks [in the] stock market."

FINALLY [deep breath] the last article of note from Saturday and this one was a biggie:

Considerable debate on the value of shares after deletion of zeros

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / ..
Revealed financial sources that the sensation seemed to escalate since 2008 and so far about the value of stock prices in the Iraqi market for securities that have faced [tough times having been] hit hard during the past decades and [this] will direct them [with yet another] blow the largest [ever] in the event of [the feared] reduction of share value to one penny, according to planning [by] the CBI.

At a time in which the central bank [tells us] to be considered as a date 1/1/2013 to officially start the flow of the new Iraqi dinar after deleting three zeros from him to cash transactions in Iraq, [the CBI has] decided to calculate the final value price per share in circulation as of the same date [at] a penny instead of current price is one dinar, and this is what several economists will suffer a major problem of the Iraqi stock market.

And managed agency / Baghdadiya News / get the documents that confirm that the central bank ended a plan [for the present] replacement and set a date early next year to start trading dinar new will start to delete three zeros from it, WOW, what a neat little thing they inserted here. I wonder WHO the intended reader was for THIS? Affer all, the citizens did not get the Saturday paper true??? the process of printing new categories are 50, 100 and 250 dinars, and last category is equal to quarter of a million current currency and this will be the highest category to facilitate the transactions large in addition to the categories currently in circulation after Trchigaha a five dinars and class ten and twenty-five dinars, and these categories of paper, while the metal is 50, 100, 250 and 500 fils in addition to the BD one, which will be metal, too.

With regard to the prices of stocks and bonds, according to the Central Bank, the find appropriate treatment of the value of stocks that are traded in the Iraqi market for securities, especially since the value of one share is currently one dinar, and will be in the case of deletion of zeros penny, and in this area suggested that the bank set up a committee chaired by a representative of the the Bank and the organelle by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Justice and the Office of Financial Supervision and the Iraqi market for securities to determine the accounting procedures of the crisis in the case of currency exchange and delete three zeros of them in a timely manner and prior to the process of replacement, and may be the idea in the calculation of all (1000) share a dinar again, and that the issue one share instead of all the 1000 shares is the date of issuance of the new currency, or any ideas of the Committee up to it above.

Economic expert, d. Majid picture, between the Agency / Baghdadiya News / What available information, the central bank will instrument currencies of small start than fifty fils ascending order, here are dealing Fils result of major developments in inflation has become a zero exactly, and it was proposed to print ten money surge is that the bank insisted to print 50 fils rise.

With regard to equity between the picture that the stock and accounts, bonds and all the problems that may arise as a result of deletion of zeros must form joint committees of the concerned authorities and also the private sector to solve these problems and the collection of proposals, including some passed to keep the share price one dinar, but the actual value will be fils, the problem that occurred is the low value of the Iraqi currency to stock which was priced dinars in the eighties and then the value of the dinar is equal to $ 3, and surprisingly was kept on its previous value, and here the issue is complex and you need an immediate decision may cause losses of large shareholders may win as well, and here the solution, however, the decision-makers, Although it's a problem raised since 2008 and has remained so far, but there are solutions, but solutions not agreed upon.
We see here, solutions are not agreed upon but they are KNOWN.

Allow me a [lengthy] paraphrase and see if you agree: OK; LET'S LOOK AT WHAT LITTLE NEWS WE ARE GETTING, AND PUT IT INTO THE THINK'S TANK!!!! (Long but good) Club
"We are facing a complex issue, lets form a committee.....no....check that idea....we need an immediate decision here. Wait, the CBI has one. Let's establish an arbitrary value to all stocks [it's gotta be done this way] and we will make it....one penny. Yes, it is true that our currency is going to appreciate by a factor of x1000 and the resultant stock value will be only on an order of magnitude of x10 but that is our calculation of where it needs to be. Yes, investors WILL be effectively missing out on a hundred fold blessing by NOT having their assets in currency but that cannot be helped and it need not be brought to the forefront of our discussions publicly."

And on the large groups that Top is 250 new dinars, between it would reduce the amount of currency in circulation, especially of deals big and instead of carrying large quantities to make a deal and one is carrying a number of papers of the new, or one sheet of paper because it is equal to a quarter million dinars from the exchange current.

And on the efforts of the bank to raise the value of the dinar, said yes, there are many proposals and the project to delete the zeros ensure that this proposal any time the equation of the value of the dinar per one dollar will be replacement, I read the word replacement in THIS context to mean a 1:1 ratio but there are many issues related to [our currency's value] such [as] oil prices and adjustments that must be brought to an end price of the neighboring countries, the issue is the value of the real dinar internally and externally any purchasing power, in the case of [these] force[s] [being factored in, the] required equation [1:1] of exchange can walk in this [upwards] direction, either [way we might conclude a justification] in the purchasing power will remain high [and therefore] it can not be equated [or made 1:1].I read this last sentence entirely to be stating that the discussion now has become: "WHAT do we believe would approximate the intrinsic value of our currency?" And unless someone is willing to step up and correct what admittedly may be an error in my thinking, I have to read this article as.......exciting... OK; LET'S LOOK AT WHAT LITTLE NEWS WE ARE GETTING, AND PUT IT INTO THE THINK'S TANK!!!! (Long but good) Biggrin

And on the value of stocks new between the Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi banks Abdul Aziz Hassoun, "The solution is not to reduce the value of the share, but that the mechanism will be as follows [:] now the value of the stock [being] one dinar, and here the capital as a whole will be [arbitrarily] re-arranged, for example, capital of the company 100 million, spread over shareholders, the one who owns 10,000 shares will become the owner of one hundred shares, and so on,"
Further evidence of a 10x increase in stock values over current levels. What was 10,000 will be divided by 1,000 and then multiplied by x10.

http://albaghdadianews.com/reports/item ... ZHJAE.html[/quote]

The fact that the GOI has provided the CBI the PERFECT stage to do what they MIGHT be planning is undeniable. To conclude that this IS their intent....is premature. I however am jubilant at what I have seen yet again today in the news. It is ALL positive IMO...
As regards the stock market values and the CBI's ongoing help towards them in this regard....I see [again IMO] lots of talk about things that ought not to be talked about by them [at least publicly] until the end of the year. Am I missing things here?

A final thought that I had. With all means of receiving news shut down and ppl confined to their homes, what an opportunity to INFORM them of things via the television. It appeared in my mind as a herd of sheep funneled through a tight opening, all waiting around for the shepherd's call.
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