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 Wangdang Transcript CC – 2-25-12 - Good Information

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Happy Life
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PostSubject: Wangdang Transcript CC – 2-25-12 - Good Information   Sun Feb 26, 2012 11:09 am

Wangdang Transcript CC – 2-25-12
Replay number: 530-881-1399 Pin: 911968#
Monica read an article about counterfeiting.

The article talks about black market of the currency and believe Al
Quaida is involved with it…and being run through Iran, as mentioned on
calls a few weeks ago. The reason I’ve given you this information is
because I’m heading down a certain road. You’ve’ heard me that the
black market is going to force Shabibi to bring us the RV.

the mechanism he has to protect the currency and their currency is
invalid right now. Not only is Al Quaida is involved in black marketing
the currency, but Iran, they’re quite sure is involved with 10,000K
notes. They’re going to remove the 10K notes from circulation as it
comes in to prevent it from being continually targeted.

is involved not only with the counterfeiting and black market, but by
the subversive groups that are taking over the economy – He’s ready to
make a bunch of decisions and they’re about ready to be made. I don’t
want to hear about September or any other date that they’re putting out
there because those dates are incorrect. I want to challenge a bunch of

Look now… go back to the information from
2009…the first article is about lifting the 000’s and exchanging the
currency start dates at the beginning of 2012. The process is supposed
to be over by 2013 so now the current articles people are extrapolating
and saying all kinds of garbage with a drop dead date and bogus stuff…so
if you go to the original date, you’re going to see …people are taking
tidbits of the articles and compiling them to support a case or whatever
activities be it they’re selling dinars, I don’t know…whether they’re
selling dinars or not…but that’s the news that we hear from the state of
Iraq .this process is on the way and in Sept. we’ll see certain things
start and the two currencies will co-exist…and in 2013 –they should
have all the 000 notes in and replaced with a new currency.

can go back and search from 2009 and come forward, and it will tell you
the beginning of the process was supposed to in the beginning of 2012
and by the beginning of 2013 the process of removing the 000’s was
supposed to be over with. And we know for a fact that Parliament has
already completed the proc ess of removing the 000’s and turned it over
to Maliki, but he can’t bring this forward because the UN would bury him
in sanctions because he doesn’t have his government completed.

I want you to realize…. we need to start relaxing even better, being
prayerful, because this stuff is over and we’re re-hashing a bunch of
articles right now. Anybody who tells you that they have a source over
there…you need to question them why do we keep getting this hype?
There’s no hype to be had….this process is near completion and they’re
changing particular dates to the …? … pending RV that’s coming. It’s
going to come so abruptly – some may working in the middle of the day or
some sleeping…but it’s coming in the near future…it’s not coming in
2013 or near anywhere in June. These people are through with this

This is my second week saying the same thing…THEY
ARE COMPLETE WITH THE PROCESS we are simply waiting for them to get
into the National Meeting now which was going to be called the National
Conference which was changed by Maliki after the executives met and came
up with that LIST….Talabani is still in possession of his initiatives
and he’s going to get them … HCL and Erbil…Once either one of them comes
out and if the Kurds open up the HCL, they start paying those countries
and pay with the money with the budget provides at .86-1.13, we’re
going to get paid.
So, if Maliki stands up and gives us Erbil, and
Allawi is a head of the commission appoints his ministers and put
everybody in place, we’ll have a full blown RV. NOTHING HAS
CHANGED…and If you are the type of person who would not connect the dots
and wants to be titillated by garbage all the time, you can keep
listening to that and causing stress and disbelief…but I want to assure
you that this process is near completion and the dates being said are
fictitious. These people constantly …I want you guys to know this….they
say this budget was passed….Erbil was passed…2 days later they’ll tell
you that the budget was affirmed…now they’re using other words even
farther than passed…so this is what they do and I’ve been telling you
guys this for months.

They give you information –
tidbits of solid information and then they try to take it back. That’s
propaganda…I’m going to tell you again…this process is at the end, we’re
at the home stretch, and we’re going to get our RV…don’t worry about
that and don’t worry about June or even 2013.

For all
those who research what I said, I’m glad…so when you find the original
article that came out saying that this process was supposed to start at
the BEGINNING of 2012 and be COMPLETED as early as 2013. That means
that the RV and the co-mingling and co-existing of the bills and
complete extraction of the 000’s is supposed to be completed by early

So the information we’re seeing now is something
they want you to see…but we have so many people in this investment and
people who have not done their homework come out and crushes somebody’s
dream. We need to be tough…okay…and SURE about your investment. This
investment isn’t going any where…Pres. George W. Bush signed a
presidential order to make sure that we could participate and hold this
currency, and if not, we’d all be in jail.

And, I can
guarantee you Iraq is not going to destroy their currency or anything of
that nature…Let’s change our behavior towards this investment. Let’s
start knowing that we’re at the end…watching real news and not garbage
that make you pull your hair out of your head, or think your life is
coming to an end…let’s be practical and understand that they’re going to
give us pieces of information and then take it back by changing it. I
want to GUARANTEE to everybody who’s listening that when we get in this
National Conference Meeting, we are going to get HCL and we’re going to
get Erbil, okay? And if not, their country is going to implode. That’s
just the short and the skinny of it…So, you can keep listening to these
people who won’t give you one wooden nickel for the bogus information
they’re giving you and crushing your dreams if you want…or you can
follow the information that’s solid.

I started talking
to everybody – I’ve been away from my old buddy – and everybody knows
about the black market was coming…I was told it was coming and what it’s
going to do to Shabibi. And after I mentioned and discussed tthis
issue and just 4 days later, Iraqi press started to talk about the black
market and the affect it’s having on the Iraqi currency. So, I’ve
always been on the edge of the information that’s coming out and on the
right vein. So, I want everybody to please, KNOW we’re at the end, know
it won’t be too much longer. Know that and relax. And we have to wait
on the conference so we get HCL and Erbil…HCL is going to bring us 86
cents to 1.13 if the Kurds open the budget, the Erbil is going to get us
the seating of Allawi and he’s going to appoint 3 ministers and share
power with Maliki and we’re going to have a full blown RV with the
government that’s going to be formed.

We have Parliament
now on a 3-prong approach – they gave the removal of the 000’s, gave it
to us as a community and said that now Maliki it’s in control. Maliki
CANNOT – CAN NOT activate anything dealing with that currency or the UN
will bury him because he has wanted to be a dictator and he’s not going
to take that chance. They will bury that country so far in
sanctions…you won’t even be able to pump sunshine into him.

I’m sort of forceful, because I KNOW FOR A FACT we’re ending this
thing….so just be patient and STOP coming up with crazy behavior that’s
going on. And, by the way, I heard we were supposed to RV at 12:00
Thursday night… and I still haven’t seen it yet…I’m still waiting.
want you guys to know we’re going to see the Smart Cards soon…they’re
going to come out. They have to have money backing them so we’re going
to see how they’ll have money…When they get them Smart Cards are we
gonna see HCL? 86 cents? The people are getting ready to get those
Smart Cards in their hands and I don’t mean two weeks from now…they’re
getting ready to get these cards in their hands. Just watch, be
prayerful, and watch it go down.
So, having said that, that was
one of the most important things I wanted to say and there’s not a lot
of discussion about that in the community right and there’s a bunch of
people on the train with information they know nothing about……We’re all
going to see them get the card, and then we’re how they’re going to see
how they’re going to spend it. They’re not going to get these cards
with all those advances Maliki gave them at 1170...that’s not going to

Look…we’re so close, c ontinue to be prayerful
and continue to take care of your affairs as an adult and just be
prayerful….I can’t say that enough ….because I understand what’s out
there in the community and a lot of it is so bogus…it’s hurting a lot of
people. Let’s continue to do our thing. Try to follow the news and
articles….I asked Monica if she saw anything she really liked and she
said, no just a bunch of stuff being repetative. I can tell you guys, I
looked at an article Monday and it said the Iraqi Parliament was
trying to get permission to put the 2004 and 2007 budget inside the 2011
budget. All of the hairs stood up on the back of my neck because I
know what they’re trying to do. And, I know they’re trying to get the

Maliki stole 7 billion dollars from the 2011 budget
and they’re trying to put it back…and they put it in writing. They
asked for the commission to put the 2004 budget and 2007 budget inside
the 2011 budget. And I’ve been on record telling everybody THAT’S the
budget that our money is in. That is the budget that Iraq made an
agreement with IMF saying it was the re-construction fund allotted in
the budget and a whole gamut of things… And NOBODY addressed this to the
dinar community. To me, that’s gangbuster, blockbuster stuff because
I’ve said before publicly, that that’s where our RV is going to come
from …then 2 weeks ago we found out that Maliki stole $2 billion from
the 2011 budget and early this week on Monday we found out that Finance
Committee asked what the 2004 and 2007 budget was in 2011. That’s
accuracy, people. That’s people having the RIGHT INFORMATION giving you
the right information.
The 2012 budget…scrap that…I said that a
month ago. Don’t WORRY about the 2012 budget…there’s nothing for us in
it. If they approved that budget…BIG DEAL! It’s not opened and that’s
not where our money’s at. Okay? So, stop fretting and letting people
put smoke up your skirts over something that’s not going to help us.

All right…I’m going to take questions:

You say the 2012 budget doesn’t mean a hill of beans, but there are
some respected gentlemen in the dinar community who are saying there’s
an annotation in the budget that states particularly that 1.7 dinars is
equal to 1USD. Is that true, or are you aware of that…and if it doesn’t
have anything to do with the RV, why put it in there?

I haven’t seen it and if that was the case, they would be interpreting
the budget at a different rate and amount of dinar…the number we’re
seeing is still outrageous. Let’s take 15 trillion…if that money was
worth USD converted inside the budget, we’d be seeing 560 billion or
something like that– being hypothetical…but right now that’s still
saying the inflated numbers so I know there’s no conversion and until
they open the budget no one knows what’s in there and I think it’s all

Q: I haven’t heard that but that makes a lot of sense that the 2012 budget has no correlation to the RV.

Remember we’re waiting to see the Erbil, HCL, Ministers and that’s
when we’re going to get the RV SOON. And, when we see them with the
cards in their hands, I don’t care which vehicle they give us to see the
money, that doesn’t bother me…I want to see if everything’s correct
from what I’m being told.

Q: We’ve been hearing about this National Conference Meeting since January but they haven’t had it.

It’s Iraq…you’re absolutely right. It should have taken place at the
end of January and Maliki got involved with his sub-committees calling
it a “prepatory meeting” committee and put together the topics for the
National Conference. So Maliki came in again and suggested hey gang,
we’ll call it a “National Meeting”…they went from the National
Conference with Talabani, Barzani, Maliki, Nejif and the heave
hitters…and got the spokes put on the wheels of the conference. Now,
that it’s called a meeting, Maliki wanted his representatives for the
national meeting…and when they do, Talabani is going to hit the
initiatives down their throat. He wants Maliki to sit in front of the
world so he cannot leave that meeting and not implement what he told the
world and we know that Talabani’s 2 major initiatives were HCL and

So, you’re right…they’ve been him hawing and
kicking the can down the road ….whichever nice adjectives you want to
use…and now we’re at the end of February looking for the national
meeting. When we get in those meetings, IT’S OVER…Maliki HAS TO
PARTICIPATE and have to give the world what they have. And, if he
doesn’t their economy’s going to implode because people who are still
secretly supporting Iraq with finances and fights – they’ll back away
from these people. That’s what Maliki wants.

Q: Did they move the Arab Summit from the end of March to the 19th?
I have no information on that? I’m glad you mentioned that…I want you
to see if I’m right and call me and say you have egg on your face. I
GUARANTEE you that those people are not going to attend that summit with
Iraq being broke. I said the same thing last year and I’m telling the
whole world again. They are vein…and they are not going to walk into
your house if they don’t have the security …not going to do it…I told
everybody that last year and it was postponed and then cancelled.
They’re going to do the same thing if they do the same thing this year
becaue Maliki, Talbani, and Barzani and Nejif …if they don’t get that
country right in the next week or two these people are going to cancel
that summit again and not show up.

Q: Are they going to blame it on security like the last time?

A: Absolutely – security and finance. That’s going to put egg on Maliki’s face then.

Q: How do you feel about the Iraqi stock exchange…is that something we could do?
Only after the RV …find out which American companies are participating
and I can’t give that advice…that’s going to be after the RV.

When you hear people talking about what’s in the budget, they really
don’t know what’s in the budget because it hasn’t been made to see
what’s in the budget, right?
A: Absolutely! That’s why they call it OPENING the budget…

Q: I heard someone say the exchange rate that’s in the budget…a rate in order for the budget to work.
Yeah, but there’s no proof but the only thing I know is true is what I
say about the 2011 budget because Iraq put the budget out a year or two
with the agreement they made and how it’s going to work….Iraqi’s going
to be done in this fashion and they told the world. They told us that’s
where the reconstruction funds are at for the currency and the country.
So we know that because they told us this, had they not told us, we
wouldn’t know what’s inside for the 2011 budget – we would have been
blinded like everybody else
Q: It’s pretty interesting about 2011…I’m a little confused
that only Iraq could come in with a budget that’s meaningless…I guess that’s par for the course, isn’t it?
Absolutely—this is why I’ve got the proof in the pudding. If the 2011
budget didn’t have googled the money in it, why do you think Maliki
stole $7 billion from 2011 and not from 2010 or 09 or 08? He didn’t
from past budgets so why do you think he stuck his hand in the cookie
jar from 2011? What’s special about that year? They told the UN and
IMF that that’s where the money is for reconstruction.

Q: Isn’t about Maliki who had funds from everyone else and tied his hands and dried him into the budget.
Sure, but he could have done that with another budget. There’s still 4
budgets they haven’t opened yet, see? Why’d he choose 2011…because
that’s the budget they told the IMF that’s all the money for the
reconstruction in side that budget. People said the value that the
budget had for 2011 is positive because of the varying price of oil, so
that means that they didn’t lock down a rate inside that budget they
were going to spend off the budgetary ….that was off our revenues. That
means they could have taken all of it or a portion of it, but whatever
it is, is googled the money.

Q: That makes sense…it’s
interesting to see…I’ll be honest with you, I was pretty geaked they
passed the 2012 because I was using logic because this is the year you’d
think that would be inside there…but you’re right…the proof is in the
pudding…why do that if they have a perfect budget, why go to the 2011
budget at all?
A: Absolutely – that’s the budget they told the
IMF for the reconstruction of the country to continue the war and
currency and economics in the country. Now if IMF rejected that budget,
I hope a bunch of old timers like me…..these people worked hard with
the US helping them to crack that budget and put enough in that budget
to take care of the reconstruction of the currency and economy…and the
IMF finally gave that budget approved in late March….they said they’d
buy off on it because they had the reconstruction on that. I remember
that process well….they were putting that stuff out in print, but now
they got smart. It seems they’re afraid of the internet ..because
people can absorb it…For Maliki to be greedy and stick his hand in the
cookie jar…that tells me and verifies the fact that he has oodles of
money in there from any one of those years and took the money out of
those budgets.

Q: Also, that’s the years the DFI transferred funds back in..
They got control over it…. I think that happened in June and the
budget was passed in March so they had the budget done …there were a lot
of things done in June.

Q; There’s an article going out
that the 1,000 and 1 dinar are basically the same and they’re trying to
go back again…Everything I look at now that puts a squeeze on Maliki is
what’s going to make this happen. They could be on track, but I have a
tough time thinking M. would do it right. If they don’t do the Arab
Summit, they’ll have to cancel quickly.
A: They can’t blame us for the bombings…

I work with super nice, kind, proud Arabs over there and what they
show you better be top notch stuff and they’re not going to come over
with toilet paper. With all the talk about the LOP and rates….if it
were just Iraq, I wouldn’t be worried…but they’ve shown us enough that
they’re getting this from the IMF and the World Bank , the world trade –
authorities that aren’t going to put out propaganda but they’re going
to tell us enough it’s true…from Article 8 and moving down this road,
means they’re bound by their rules and showing they’re subservient to
those rules showing they’re trying to do everything they can. If that’s
the case with these guys who pump total garbage out there, you have to
assume that the IMF (basically America) and World Bank letting Iraq do
something totally destructive while big companies allow Iraq to do
something tragic…and I just don’t think that’s gonna happen.
No, it’s not going to happen…you’re on point and for them to try to do
anything besides giving us the RV would be suicide - -economic suicide
for that country and they’re not going to do it.

Q: The Kurds are talking about CBI to introduce bank notes Sept 2012?

This is what tickled me about the bank notes…they’re not going to put
any lower denom’s on the street until we see this RV…so a new banknote
to me could be a 25K, 10K, 5K that’s reprinted. The US and other
countries do the same thing. So, “new notes” could be the 25K that’s so
worn and tarried need to be replaced…the Central bank is constantly
relacing notes so it’s nothing to get worked up about. Now, when they
say they’re starting to replace the lower denom’s, we’ve got some reason
to be happy then!

Q: Have they set any dates for the conference yet?
We don’t have it hammered down yet – it was supposed to be the 20-26th
and we haven’t seen the start of it yet, but it’s gotta come because
they don’t have much time…forgot the exact date, but they have got to
have this RV before 15 or so many days before the summit. Last year it
was public knowledge, but I don’t know what the date was supposed to be
between the actual RV -- the meeting and Arab Summit. They have to
show us…in 1-2 weeks they have to give us HCL and Erbil…and that’s going
to give us 86 cents from the Kurds or Maliki is going to beat them to
the punch and give us the formation of the government and rv his
currency – and then we’ll be getting our money. They cannot come out in
a national meeting without the HCL and Erbil…I can show you letters
Talabani said in January that they’re not going to come out of this
conference without Erbil….Allawi said the same thing. So, those are the
most powerful men I’ve seen in that country and to be honest with you,
they’re more intelligent than Maliki. So when these cats tell you that,
they’re going to do it.

STOP….There's a few more really good questions, but you'll have to listen to the rest of the call.

Being HAPPY doesn't mean everything is perfect.
It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections!
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Happy Life
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PostSubject: Re: Wangdang Transcript CC – 2-25-12 - Good Information   Sun Feb 26, 2012 4:30 pm

Stay informed on current events! We are close!! But not quote yet!! ❤

Being HAPPY doesn't mean everything is perfect.
It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections!
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PostSubject: Re: Wangdang Transcript CC – 2-25-12 - Good Information   Sun Feb 26, 2012 6:28 pm

Wang Dang is 100% spot on with a long and educated background in this investment . Blessings

If it doesn't make sense it's nonsense.

Real procedures must be completed before we have a real RV. The cart cannot pull the horse!
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PostSubject: Re: Wangdang Transcript CC – 2-25-12 - Good Information   Sun Feb 26, 2012 8:18 pm

Come rv!
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PostSubject: Re: Wangdang Transcript CC – 2-25-12 - Good Information   Sun Feb 26, 2012 8:34 pm

Just like the old Carpenter's song, 'Our day will come, and we'll have everything,we'll share the joy, only an RV can bring'--Very Happy
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abby ann
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PostSubject: Re: Wangdang Transcript CC – 2-25-12 - Good Information   Sun Feb 26, 2012 8:41 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Wangdang Transcript CC – 2-25-12 - Good Information   Sun Feb 26, 2012 9:02 pm

i love that little guy, but that's not how i am feeling, i just had to use him, haha, however this post does make me feel and and also
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PostSubject: Re: Wangdang Transcript CC – 2-25-12 - Good Information   Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:35 pm

According to reports by various U.S. government agencies, multilateral institutions and other international organizations, long-term Iraq reconstruction costs could reach $500 billion or higher. The proposed Hydrocarbons Law, which governs oil contracting and regulation, has been under review in the Council of Ministers since October 26, 2008, but has not received final passage.
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PostSubject: Re: Wangdang Transcript CC – 2-25-12 - Good Information   Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:36 pm

Can we RV in the USA today.SO the USA investers can buy Oil.
Asking that CBI notfie Chace Bank thear in USA to get ready for Iraq Dinars cash out. With over $8.5 Million to buy Oil.CR Hones LLC. would need Iraq Dinar to cash out. As of today other invester are at a standing by, to put there $17.9 Million in to perches Oil. when can we see this rv take place in USA we all nedd this rv to happy now!The timing is right.
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PostSubject: Re: Wangdang Transcript CC – 2-25-12 - Good Information   Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:42 pm

@dp wrote:
Can we RV in the USA today.SO the USA investers can buy Oil.
Asking that CBI notfie Chace Bank thear in USA to get ready for Iraq Dinars cash out. With over $8.5 Million to buy Oil.CR Hones LLC. would need Iraq Dinar to cash out. As of today other invester are at a standing by, to put there $17.9 Million in to perches Oil. when can we see this rv take place in USA we all nedd this rv to happy now!The timing is right.

Anytime this month the timing is right.
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PostSubject: Re: Wangdang Transcript CC – 2-25-12 - Good Information   Thu Mar 01, 2012 9:15 pm

wow never read his posts unbelieable right to the pointe with facts and logic no hype or bs hope its true go rv
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PostSubject: Re: Wangdang Transcript CC – 2-25-12 - Good Information   Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:08 pm

@jayzze wrote:
wow never read his posts unbelieable right to the pointe with facts and logic no hype or bs hope its true go rv

Hope so too JAYZZE.
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PostSubject: Re: Wangdang Transcript CC – 2-25-12 - Good Information   Mon Oct 22, 2018 11:51 pm

Well, WangDang.  It's now October 22, 2018 and we're still waiting.
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PostSubject: Re: Wangdang Transcript CC – 2-25-12 - Good Information   Tue Oct 23, 2018 5:55 am

Wang Dang used to draw a lot off of Randy Koonce's "intel". Randy was the one who started that nonsense about the national meeting coming right before the RV was "released". Randy said that they needed the RV to pay for the meeting, but then they had the national meeting at the airport in Baghdad, so Randy tried to cover by saying that it was cheaper to do it at the airport so they ended up having it without the RV. LOL!!! These days apparently Wang Dang is just regurgitating old guru BS about the zeros and the lower denoms and Bush getting the UN to devalue the dinar prior to the war to defund the terrorists. In fact the Saddam dinar lost its value back in the 1980s, and according to Shabibi that's when they added the three zeros. He's also peddling that crap about a big gold find in Iraq. The only place you'll find that is in dinar forums and obscure conspiracy sites. But even if they did have a gold bonanza in Iraq, it wouldn't affect the value of the dinar any more than any new discoveries of oil reserves. Whatever increase they have in revenues from the gold would just go into their foreign currency reserves and they would expand their money supply like they've been doing all along when oil revenues were up. The dinar has been stabilized below 1/10 of a penny for a reason, and they're not going to change that. And by the way, removing zeros from the currency has always meant redenomination. No country has EVER removed zeros from their currency when they revalued it, and Iraq won't either.

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Wangdang Transcript CC – 2-25-12 - Good Information
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